JEE exam analysis by Mr Sarith Nair, General Manager, TIME Bangalore


The first papers of the fully online JEE Main 2019 were conducted on the second day of the exam session on 8th April 2019. The paper overall was assumed to be easy and not requiring undue pressure.   As per students who scored over 95 percentile in the last exam, this exam was easier.

As in the last series of JEE Main online exams in January 2019, the first day of the exam was easier than the rest, one could speculate the same might happen in this series i.e. there is a possible initial exam are easier.

In today’s exam Chemistry is supposedly the easiest part, and Maths was the most difficult part due to lengthy questions. There were questions from integration, calculus in general, which were time consuming, that students were unable to attempt as they as many expected to. Whereas in Chemistry, due to the reduction ina number of numericals, out of 30 questions students were able to do as many as 26 questions. Physics was also student friendly, except for a few tougher questions from mechanics.

In general, students are very happy about chemistry, happy about Physics and not so happy about the  Mathematics part of today’s JEE Main online examination.


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