Apple mulling to manufacture high end iPhones in India


Apple has been in news for uplifting the “Make, In India” initiative. Earlier the Taiwanese supplier, Wistron, invested Rs. 3000-5000 crore in India for assembling lost cost iPhones like 6s and iPhone SE since March 2019. Wistron is further planning to utilize an area of 43 acres for an ‘iPhone making unit.’

And now Apple is expanding its manufacturing centers in India for the iPhone X series. But before establishing permanent centers it will work on a trial period with Foxconn Technology Group, the smartphones on trial period are iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Apparently, Apple has been discussing the situation and future developments with the government officials in India over the years to find a way out of the heavy excise duties and rigorous local sourcing norms.

As this initiative will definitely increase the employability rate in our country and would uplift the lifestyle of our countrymen. And finally, we don’t have to sell our kidney to buy an iPhone.

Hope this ingenuity will actually empower the people and the country itself with respect to technological growth.


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