Can Huawei P Series disrupt high-end smartphone market in India?


The P30 and P30 Pro devices by Huawei are launched to create an impact in the Smartphone Market of India. Huawei aims is to capture the Indian market and establish its legacy, by building up the manufacturing center of the smartphone itself in India and beholding the customers for the pricing of the P series. The pricing of the P series for Indian consumers is not yet revealed.

Whereas the P series has been priced in the range of EUR 799 to EUR 1,249 for the European market. But according to the sources, the P30 and P30 pro would be priced relatively cheaper in India and will be launched by the mid of the next month.

The focus is to proliferate its growth by 25-30 percent in 2019 and with that respect hey would capture 10 percent of the premium smartphone market in India by the end of this year.

The initiative taken by Huawei will be a cut-throat for the other leading companies like Samsung, Google as well as Apple. As the company’s scenario is to roll-out the 5G network in India and is set to start trials with partner telcos in the country soon, in order to apprehend a bigger share in the Indian smartphone market.


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