Top 5 Places to Visit in Colombo to Make Your Trip Memorable

colombo skyline


In the world map, Colombo is recognized as the capital of Sri Lanka. But, this city is much more than that. Every year, lots of tourists book Dubai to Colombo cheap flights or flights from London or New York only to visit the amazing beauty of the city. Not only the natural beauty, but Colombo is also the city of memorable buildings and historical monuments that attract tourists. For many years, Colombo has been the colonial town of the British, the Dutch and the Portuguese. Therefore, the influence of foreign culture and tradition is seen and felt vividly in Colombo.

So, if you are planning for an exotic vacation, book flights and hotels in Colombo and sail on. Before that, know about the best tourist attractions of the city-


  • National Museum of Colombo


If you find the history of the town is appealing, you can get it more while visiting the museum. This is the biggest museum in the country which is full of personalized and amazing collections of Kandyan Dynasty Rulers. There are huge numbers of artifacts, but what captivate the history-lovers the most are the manuscripts in languages like, Burmese, Tamil, Sinhala, Telugu and more on the palm leaves.


  • Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple


To make your Colombo trip memorable, you should visit the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple once. Not only the religious destination, but this temple is also the epitome of architectural beauty. The combination of Chinese, Indian and Thai architecture has created a marvel in this temple and worth to watch. There is also a museum and library where you can spend good time.


  • Attidiya Bird Sanctuary


If you are planning for a Colombo trip, make it from December to January as this is the best time to visit the bird sanctuary. If you are here, you can visit more than 50 species of migratory birds during this time of the year. Other than that, there are lots of butterflies and insects to visit. Make sure you use mosquito repellant on your body as this place is full of mosquitoes.


  • Viharamahadevi Park


How about visiting a place which comprises of waterfalls, a zoo, museum, picnic spots and so on? Spend an entire day at this park where you get everything. There are lots of sports and activities you can take part in, or you can find leisure in the library with your favorite book and relax. You can spend a day well with your friends and family here.


  • Beira Lake


Are you looking for a place which is adventurous and full of fun? Arrange a picnic at the lakeside while you are in Colombo. Don’t forget to duck paddle boat rides in the azure blue lake with the vast sky holding the umbrella above your head. From the lake, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple.

Hopefully, you go crazy to visit Colombo in your coming holiday season. Go for it and book early to avoid uncertainty during the tourist season.


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