The impact of Victorian Era on today’s fashion

The period of the victorious era starting from 1830 to 1901, marked the expedition of a powerful, opulent, and voguish woman- Queen Victoria.

Known for transforming the future of Britain, Queen Victoria was a woman in power in a society where women were no less than a piece of show and grace. She did not just have a major role to play in the country’s politics but her ethereal fashion left momentous footprints on the world of fashion and continues to inspire numerous designers even today. It sculpted most of the styles, that are blissfully worn by the modern woman.

Victorian Era fashion, prominent because of its intricate detailing and accentuating a woman’s body, was dominated by the use of luxurious fabrics, whalebone corsets, hats and bonnets and layers of petticoats. The era witnessed a plethora of changes in the style but the ideology of representing the wealth through garments remained constant.

However, the elements changed with the changing decades. From petticoats to crinoline to bustles, the women of that time had undergone every kind of hardship to portray an image of a woman with an ideal body. Be it deriving the perfect waistline using a metal corset, carrying crinoline made from horsehair to get that perfect skirt shape or tying rectangular bustles on the hips, making it hard to even sit, the 19th-century woman has done it all. Albeit magnificent, the garments of the sumptuous era lagged practicality and comfort.

The hands of the clock influenced the neckline of the elegant gowns. The day was the time where women adorned high necked dresses with lace detailing, whereas, evenings allowed women to expose their neck and shoulders.

Apart from the ponderous gowns, the era was famous for its extravagant use of accessories. Ornamented hats, exquisite jewelry, and colorful parasols, collectively gave the woman of the Victorian Era her poise.

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The year 1901 marked the end of the popular Era but gave a new start to the fashion world. As the famous saying goes “history repeats itself”, the dominant styles of the era work as an inspiration for many designers even today.

From haute couture to streetwear, one can feel and see the hint of the queen’s style prominently. From international designers to Indians almost everybody has at least once in their career curated their designs based on the styles from the historical era, giving them a contemporary twist.

In a century where comfort is class and several athleisure styles dominate the market, Victorian-style always managed to make their way through, arousing a want in many. The 2017 fall/winter collection, experienced the trend of the Victorian Era heavily on the runway. Where Balenciaga chose to borrow a silk blouse with ruffled trims and paired it up with a pencil skirt, Dior on the other hand, played with tulle and lace sleeves to design a long velvet dress. The Italian brand Valentino opted for high necked, and ruffle trims from the era, whereas, Giambattista Valli curated a high neck white-colored dress selecting the famous corset, and slim sleeves and lace and leaving aside the long hemlines.

Picture Credits- High Fashion Living

The following year, Nick Zimmerman drew inspiration from the remote era and designed silhouettes resembling it. Elie Saab went to the “dark romance” of the Victorian era for inspiration for the brooding fall-winter offerings in the Paris Fashion Week 2018. He chose to experiment with the covered-up style of the era giving it a floral exploration.

When talking about gowns and skirts, having a huge piece of cake in haute couture how can one forget the celebrated Indian designers? Fashion designers like Anju Modi and Falguni Shane Peacock have made their mark around the world and recently expressed their love for the Era in many ways from fabrics to make-up. The popular Bollywood actress “Kangana Ranaut” was recently seen walking on the runway in the Victorian era inspired collection by Anju Modi at Anju Modi India Couture 2018.

What can be more mesmerizing than watching a Nawabi Royal adorn an attire inspired by the queen itself? Sara Ali Khan walked the ramp for the famous Falguni Shane Peacock in The India Couture Week 2019, who chose to ornament her with a beautiful ivory blouse and skirt, that shined all through her walk. The silhouettes of this extravagant dress were derived from the Victorian bustles. 

Picture Credits- Pinterest

Throwing light on the streetwear styles inspired by the Victorian era, one can easily spot a shirt with a strapless bustier or laced up corsets or a white dress with mutton sleeves in every nook and corner of the market. The buttoned boots also derive their origin from the famous era. The luxurious fabrics like velvet, satin, etc that gain their fame from that time and are enormously used by the fashion industry today.

Picture Credits- Harpers Bazaar

The charm bracelets proudly sold by famous brands like Pandora were once gifted by the queen to her beloved ones on every new year with great affection. Adding on that, the white wedding gown– the identity of today’s British bride gained its popularity from the queen itself. In times where colorful gowns reflected the grace of brides, queen Victoria chose to adorn a beautiful white wedding gown that symbolized purity and eventually transformed into a tradition.

The world of fashion has continuously seen a cycle of trends from the history. Everything that we wear today, has had its origin from the past and the legacy continues.

How wedding industry is impacting the fashion industry?

Wedding, the day two souls and two families get tied together in an everlasting bond. The day when they promise to stay together till eternity and thereafter. Undoubtedly, this day has to be as special and victorious as it can get and the families involved leave no space for any kind of mistake that could disgrace this lavish event.

The Indian wedding industry is worth $50 million and is expected to grow by 25%. Out of 1,00,000 crores spent on Indian weddings, almost 10,000 crores account for the expenditure done on the wedding attires. No Indian designer would afford to miss their hands on such a lucrative market.

Traditionally, the beginning of October marked the commencement of the festive period. Especially the nuptials, simply because the pleasant weather allowed the family members to adorn their heavily designed attires with ease and permitted the guests living abroad to attend the event. But now, with the changing mindsets and millennials taking charge of their wedding, this tradition is being replaced by a year-round wedding saga. Resulting in 10 million weddings a year.

The wedding is usually a three to five days luxurious affair, in which not just the bride and the groom but every guest takes part with gusto. The practice of everyone dressing up magnificently has now become a custom and has given a great boom to the fashion industry. Colors have been greatly attached to each different aspect of the wedding and customizing outfits according to that has eventually been transformed into a tradition. Dresses play an integral role in wedding rituals.

The generation today is under the heavy influence of social media which makes weddings look like a palatial event. The impact of Bollywood weddings is also long felt by the wedding-fashion industry. From Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra, and from Sonam Kapoor to the heiress of the Ambani family ‘Isha Ambani’, each one of them adorned elegant pieces from the popular designers around the globe and made lasting impacts on the spectators with their exquisite outfits and intricate jewelry. As a result of which, every bride now wants to wear a Sabyasachi or a Manish Malhotra on their memorable day.

Picture Credits- The Independent

Indian weddings are a way to showcase one’s social repertoire and the affluent families are always in a competition to outdo the other. Even the people belonging to the middle segment, take pride in accumulating all their wealth to spend on the wedding of their beloved child, and beyond the shadow of a doubt understand the role that clothes and jewelry play to mark the event complete. Therefore, they are ready to expend an amount as hefty has 1 Lakh on the wedding dresses.

These facts have not been hidden by the famous Indian designers and this lucrative wedding market has compelled a lot of them to shift their focus completely to Haute couture from ready to wear. The designers like Sabyasachi and Tarun Tahiliani, Anamika Khanna, Sandeep Khosla- Abu Jani and many more in the league, have established their boutiques in different parts of the country geared especially towards the bridal wear.

The designers, designing for the brides of today, are aware of the fact that today’s woman knows her identity and carries her attitude with gratification. They do not dress up on their special occasion just to look good, but to feel good. They believe in adorning attires that accentuate their personality and express to the thousand eyes longing to watch the “Dulhan”, who she is. Gone are the days when brides walked down the aisle with a conscious smile and shyness in eyes. The brides of today carry their attitude and identity along when they enter and the designers must have that in mind.

Picture Credits- I Knock Fashion

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the famous designer who amalgamates Indian traditions, craftsmanship, and ethnicity and brings garments that leave people awestruck to the table. The designer, the designs of whom is a dream of many Indian girls, brings out the best in the bride through his outfit. His quintessential bride is someone, who is confident about art and craft and is self-assured. The designer very soon realized the benefit in venturing into the wedding-fashion and shifted all his attention to it from the ready to wear market. The designer, whose range starts from Rs.29000 for sarees and Rs.1 Lack for lehengas, recently pioneered his way into the bridal jewelry segment. A glimpse of Sabyasachi’s love for brides and bridal wear can be seen in his show “Band Baja Bride”. The show revolves around the royal designs of the celebrated designer and the brides who feel charmed being styled by him.

The bride of Tarun Tahiliani, another well-known designer, is someone who blends glamour with the bride’s personality. “I am tired of hearing how the most expensive couture clothes in India are so uncomfortable that brides weep because they are miserable and cannot walk,” says Tarun Tahiliani, who focuses on ornamenting an outfit that does not weigh the bride down with kilos.

Picture Credits- Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

The recession-proof industry has even lured international designers to venture into the Indian wedding industry, after designing footwear for Sonam Kapoor’s wedding, the London based brand, Jimmy Choo identified the potential in the industry and offers brides a bespoke experience of adding the initials or wedding date on the footwear. Another bespoke luxury brand, Canali, also celebrates its profitable nawab collection from 2018 inspired by the styles of Maharaja.

Another famous brand, Christian Louboutin along with Sabyasachi Mukherjee embellished Priyanka Chopra’s wedding wedges to draw similarities with her outfit. Following the trend, the French brand now has a wedding suite in Mumbai, specially curated to customize accessories which are then given the final touch in their Paris atelier.

The most recent entry was made by Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue magazine. It introduced the Vogue Wedding Company, a customized advisory service, connecting the families and vendors from the wedding industry to help them make manifold decisions for this opulent event.

Picture Credits- BC Weddings

The advantage of this lucrative market has not only been enjoyed by the splendid designer but has been well realized by the local players, who are also stepping their game up. Catering to the middle segment and understanding their yearning for the designer outfits, they offer counterfeits of such designs to them at a much affordable rate, satisfying both the aesthetic and the monitory needs of the customer. The majority of the population belongs to the middle segment in India, thus, understanding their desires and limitations is the key to growing the business. It is the middle class that grows and converts to luxury buyers.

The wedding and the fashion industry have developed a symbiotic relationship and has seen tremendous growth. Indian designers are the only ones who profit from haute couture rather than the ready to wear market, and this trend is here to stay.

This amalgamation of the industries has created a win-win situation for both and has a long way to go.

Gaming Tourism : The heights of reality?

As a child, I remember being amused at the black think skinned rectangular, battery-powered video game that my dad brought home. At the time, merely pressing the yellow buttons on it was exciting. Little did anyone imagine that games would one day consist of humans and cars chasing each other to no end.

In the earlier days, it was a privilege to travel. I remember the days when a scooter ride to the nearby town was considered travelling since the planning would start several days in advance. It was an era where travel was restricted to the affluent few and others would be content with the beautiful scenic view of the other unseen world, from magazines and books.

Source: The Gamer

Today, as people turn into slaves of their comfort amid the overpowering role of technology played in the lives of human beings; one industry that is trying to cut through the clutter through impressive innovations is the Gaming industry. Video game industry is said to be valued at $148.8 billion. The detail and precision that go into creating a video game for the audience is unbelievably impressive and is said to improve in years to come. This has lead to an innovation known as “Gaming Tourism”.

Source: The Gamer

Gaming tourism in simple words is exploring real cities through video games. The advent of VR technology by brands like Vive and Oculus has transformed the way people view travel. Their 3D technology has allowed people to explore and experience places almost in a dream-like state, where your wildest imagination of even climbing the Mt Everest is possible by just sitting in your apartment. And for those of us who want to explore space even without having studied astrophysics or tried for NASA, Google’s, expedition application allows us to walk through international space station using the same technology. Though at the moment, the places recreated for exploration are limited, the industry is said to add more of it in the years to come. This has caught the interest of the gaming industry that has made advancements in the graphic quality to create experiences that are strikingly real world like in games. To replicate the real world, programmers have moved to the extent of copying everything from a signboard and streetlight to even placing dump bins that may be found in a particular city space.

Source: The Gamer

The programmers initially select a particular city and the radius they want to replicate in the game, which usually falls under 10 to 15 sq miles. Many cities such as New York and London has been brought to life by video game makes which lets players explore the place in its entirety. Rough guides released “the rough guide” to Xbox which lets one explore the location in Xbox games. Similarly the Japan Company, All Nippon Airways has created a video game which can take its characters through ages exploring environments of importance in Japan such as Mt Fuji and deer of Nara from 1980 to 2010. This was launched to boost Japan tourism under the “Is Japan Cool?” plan. The gaming industry has gone to eccentric extents wherein Cubisoft who created the infamous game “Assassins creed origins” even employed an in-house historian and Egyptologist to replicate the city for players to explore and to give an enriching experience. Another company that went to an extremity is Sucker punch who created the popular game, second son, set in the streets of Seattle showcasing its infamous destinations like Seattle space needle and pike place market to an extent of perfection. In order to transport players literally to these places, the programmers at sucker punch auditioned real-life residents and 3D scanned them into the game.

Source: The Gamer

In a world where travel is often restricted by political situations in a country or a pandemic, there will come a time when we will thank our technology for being able to travel without travelling. As the world moves into a recluse and lesser number of people travelling, the virtual world has come to a spotlight. Gaming tourism is set to improve the mental wellbeing of people as it proves to be a perfect getaway for anyone who loves to travel and socialise but is not privileged to do so and by 2050 it is said to set off to unimaginable heights. In the midst of all this, as my grandmother once said, “Reality can only be overpowered by an alternative reality”. Therefore though we may enjoy the makeshift world, here is hoping we don’t become the slaves of disguise.

List of most popular, top female fashion bloggers in India

Every woman wants to have a unique sense of style. Some create their own, and others look for an inspiration.

Here are some of the top fashion bloggers who carved a niche for creating their own space in the cluttered world of fashion by bringing their own touch of originality.

Anshita Juneja

The founder of the much popular blog, “Vanitynoapologies”, Anshita Juneja has been on the checklist of every girl who wants to glam up. Upon starting her blog in December 2010, she came to the highlight quicker than one might expect. Her blog is a treasure trove for everyone looking for all kinds of fashion and beauty advice, be it cloths, skin, eye, health and the like. She not only offers an affordable solution into the best product one can buy but has also opened her portal up to anyone who may have a query regarding a particular look or product, where the diva herself answers the question. Her tips and tricks have found a place in the heart of every girl looking for a quick fix.



Akansha Redhu

The founder and editor of the blog, “Akansharedhu”, she has carved her way into the world of fashion blogging since 2010. Her credentials speak of having worked with eminent brands like, Burberry and Michael Kors. Her carefully crafted website is rather impressive with varied collection of subjects that one can explore like fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, jewellery and even yoga. She has also been praised for her sheer knack at turning simple clothing and adding her touch of fun to make it look classy and event ready. Her simple tips and tricks have proven to be a big success among her 4 lac following.



Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap is the owner of the famous blog known as “Giasaysthat”, since the year 2009. With a following of about 3 lac, Gia brings to the world of fashion her own personality and style and inspires people to have their own. She is excellent with adding a touch of fun and experimenting with fashion in the simplest of the ways. Her blog opens up into a world of not only cloths, makeup, travel and product reviews but also into shopping. She has lead her way through bringing in ideas for budget shopping to her followers in a section called “pennywise”. Her blog is opinionated and takes us on a different ride of fashion.



Aashna Shroff

The snob journal”, founded by Aashna shroff has found its way high up into the fashion blogosphere over the last couple of years. A travel lover, she inspires people to create fresh and fun looks with what is available in the wardrobe. She has close to 7 lakh followers who get inspired by the tips and tricks this fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger endorses. To her credential she endorses major brands like Vero Moda, Amway, Tresemme to name a few. Apart from blogging her style advice, she is also the proud owner of “The snob shop” which contains interesting products like accessories, phone covers and jewellery that she creates to spice up the style quotient.


The snob journal

Devina Malhotra

The proud owner of the blog, “Guilty bytes”, Devina made her way into fashion blogging for a purpose. In the early years of her life, she was confronted with the task of finding the right fashion tip for curvy women. Her blog gives style and beauty tips, tricks and advice for women, who need remedies for event looks and skin care in an affordable and classy manner. Her flair for writing is also visible through her articles on the latest fashion updates and happenings in the industry. Launched in 2012, she has around 5 lakh followers till date. Her blog not only accounts for a bit of fun but is a confidence booster to all the young girls out there.


Guilty bytes

Shalini Chopra

Shalini chopra founded the blog, “Stylish by nature”, in the year 2011. It has since then, earned the trust with matters regarding fashion, beauty, food and updates. Her blog constitutes a mix of luxury and casual style that can be adopted by anyone going for a rich look. Along with her 5 lakh followers, she has collaborated with brands like reliance fashion, bringing their new trends and her style to create fresh looks for the audience. Much to the excitement of her followers, she also has a “Shop my closet” option on her blog, where her followers can buy their favourite collections from her wardrobe. Her touch of elegance and luxury to fashion is what keeps her apart from the rest.


Stylish by nature

Mehek Sagar

Mehek sagar is the owner of fashion and lifestyle blog, “Peaches and blush”, started in 2010. There has been no stopping for her since then. The carefully crafted blog has everything from beauty and fashion tips to latest updates on what is trending and what the celebrities and designers are up to. Her product reviews precisely talks about the use of the product for different skin tone and textures rendering her followers to go for the best product that suits their skin. Mehek’s enthusiasm for fashion has also led her to start a sub brand for bridal products under the same of brides by PB.


Peaches and blush

Tanya Virmani

Let’s expresso” is the blog run by the fashion and lifestyle blogger Tanya Virmani. Launched in 2011, Tanya’s fun blog is an insight into beauty, fashion, travel as well as food. To her credentials she has partnered with various brands on her platform such as Dove, Lakme, Veet and the like. Her relaxed and daring style is loved by her followers who she inspires, to merge fashion with comfort. Her simple and charming sense of style has led her to curate various products for her much loved audience such as scarves and other accessories to bring fashion at the doorstep in an affordable way.


Lets expresso

Masoom Minawala

Miss style fiesta” is a blog by Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Masoom Minawala. Launched in 2010, her blog not only contains her OOTD (Outfit of the day) and the styles and products she endorses but also encompass her opinions on the daily happenings in the fashion world. For Masoom, style fiesta is about the experience and I couldn’t agree more. The blog contains an honest insight into her daily world of fashion which is an inspiration to her 4.5 lac followers. Masoom’s popularity has been exploited by brands like L’Oreal which she endorses on her blog.


Miss style fiesta

Kritika Khurana

The Boho girl” is the name of the blog owned by the fashion blogger, Kritika Khuranna. She is a big believer of comfort fashion and which is what she endorses in her blog. Her clean and elegant style has caught the attention of her 7 lac followers who are inspired by the style she brings about. As the name suggests Kritika is a huge fan of boho looks and experiments with colours to a great extent creating a sense of excitement in her fashion and style. Apart from talking fashion, she also owns an e commerce store called “The hype” which sells creative and fun accessories.


The boho girl

Manvi Gandotra

Launched in 2012, Manvi Gandotra is the owner of the blog called “Style Inked”. Along with being a fashion blogger she is also a professional photographer which is evident in her blog. Her, do it yourself guide has become extremely popular among fashion enthusiasts looking for a quirky style as well as among novel designers who are in a search for inspiration. Her collection of DIY includes dress, clutches, necklaces and envelopes. She is prominent in playing with colours to give it a fun touch and also uses a variety of different fabrics in the products.


style inked

Pallavi Ruhail

Pallavi Ruhail is the proud owner of the fashion blog, “The Delhi girl”. Unlike other bloggers, Pallavi has a different approach to blogging in fashion. She not only shares her styles and looks but also writes her thoughts elaborately on them. This has enthused, her 3 lac following, who turn to her for simple yet classy looks. Launched in 2013, she has gained much popularity over the years which have encouraged her to start a fashion, lifestyle, grooming, travel and entertainment magazine called TDG magazine. She has also endorsed beauty and skin care brands like VLCC and fashion and accessory labels like Swarovski.


That delhi girl

Rassi Gaur

Blah and more” is the popular fashion blog owned by Rashi Gaur. This fashion cum beauty blogger has quick updates on the latest trends and practices in the fashion world including an exclusively dedicated hair and skin care section. Her quick fixes and tips to maintain hair and skin have her followers transfixed in her fashion world. The blog also interesting has a “giveaway” section where she gives some of her personal collection away on account of winning a contest that she puts forward occasionally.


Blah and more

Ankita Srivastava

The proud owner of the blog, “Corallista”, Ankita Srivastava has created an identity in the world of fashion since 2012. Dedicated to fashion and beauty, her blog offers a guide to anyone looking for a fresh look of change. Popular on both Intsagram and Youtube for her work, she has grabbed a following of close to 2 lakh over the years. She is not only updated with the celebrity looks eagerly sharing the easy-to-do guide into getting the popular celebrity looks but is also gives beauty tips for better skin care. Apart from all of the above, you would also be entering into a world of product reviews and best product to use for your skin, if you turn to Corallista for your beauty concerns.



Sayantini Bhattacharya

Cherry on top” is the fashion and lifestyle blog owned by Sayantini, launched in the year 2013. This fashion and beauty blogger from Kolkata with simple and affordable fashion tips is something every fashion enthusiast would look up to. She uses her personal style to bring about quirk for different occasions which is what her 4 lac followers adore her for. Besides her style advice, she is also popular for her beauty and skin care tips. It’s her sheer sense of simplicity and an easy to imitate style quotient that her followers love.


Cherry on top

Parimita Chakravorty

Mumbai Gloss” is a popular fashion beauty and lifestyle blog owned by a true Mumbaikar, Parimita Chakravorty. Author of the book “look stunning at any size” she launched her blog in the year 2013. She credits her idea and inspiration to the work that she did for popular fashion and beauty magazines like Femina and Hello. Any update and latest trend on fashion and lifestyle can be followed by tuning in to Mumbai gloss. She brings a fresh perspective to the latest trends followed in the industry by adding her personal touch and quirk to the same.


Mumbai Gloss

Magali Vaz

Magalic” is a fashion and lifestyle blog run by Magali Vaz. What sets her blog apart is her unabashed street style that she endorses with much punk. For her, fashion is personal and it is a way in which she expresses herself. It is this quality that brings freshness and originality in her work which is much loved by her followers. She is also a fashion history enthusiast and adores the 20th century style. Her youtube channel is a treat to watch if you want to have a fresh perspective on your looks.



Also Check : Top male fashion bloggers in India

List of most popular, top male fashion bloggers in India

When many prominent designers created beautifully woven unique pieces of clothing for women, men’s fashion was viewed differently. It was the film industry around the world that brought us to a realisation that there is much to experiment in terms of men’s fashion. Therefore when the fashion industry stepped into revolutionizing men’s fashion, they were further uplifted by fashion enthusiasts who turned bloggers to bring creative ways to promote this new culture.

Here are a few prominent male fashion bloggers who create envy in men and inspires them to adopt a fashion that is fun and classy.

Usaamah Sidhique

Organised and passionate, Usaamah is highly recognised for his blog “The dapper label”. His idea of becoming a full time blogger came about while working for a celebrity stylist. He created a niche for himself by bringing in fresh looks without being too loud. His style and fashion tips provide simple and amusing ways to use one’s wardrobe in the most creative way possible. His minimum styling and the use of accessories to add a soft quirk, has been appreciated by his 100k following and by prominent brands that he has endorsed such as H&M, Calvin Klein, Dior and the like.


The dapper label

Jattin Jay

A street style lover, Jattin Jay has made his mark in the world of fashion blogging through his blog called “The style doodler”. His blog is not only about style but gives men suggestions and tips on grooming along with the best products to use for their skin. His vibrant style is loved by over 29.2k of his followers who use his simple yet elegant colour contrast and sense of style to look their best. He is updated on the industry trends and provides the best suggestions on the upcoming brands and labels, in order to create an affordable yet classy look for his ardent followers.


The style doodler

Karron S Dingrra

A corporate lawyer turned fashion and style blogger, Karron S Dingrra owns one of the popular blogs, “The formale edit”. A true believer of innovation, he believes that when it comes to fashion it’s all about creating a personality with an edge. His sense of style can therefore seem quirky and a bit over the top, which is precisely what is loved by his 3 Lac following. A unique combination of urban and classic define his style quotient especially in the formal wear section. He also uses his blog to provide grooming suggestions for people who want to look their best for various occasions.


The formale edit

Shakti Singh Yadav

A passionate fashion blogger, Shakti Yadav is dedicated to bringing forward a sense of creativity into style with what is available in the closet, through his blog, “The February boy”. His simple yet elegant tips and tricks to make an ordinary garment look smart yet stylish has been popular among his 2 Lac following. This simplicity and originality helps him to connect better with his audience. His style quotient is a combination of affordability and elegance. His love for OOTD’s and his sense of creativity showcased through his photographs adds a fun element to his blog.


The February boy

Akshay Sharma

Offbeat is the word that seems to be written all over Akshay sharma’s blog, “Never stay sober”. For any fashion enthusiast who loves to experiment in a completely out of the box manner, Akshay will have you stay tuned to his world. In the men’s fashion world, he unabashedly showcases his loud and quirky personality through his daring outfits. This form of self expression is what sets him apart from the rest of the bloggers. One of the messages that he is trying to put out through his blog is to break the stereotypical view of fashion and tries to inspire his 3 Lac following to experiment and showcase their personality without a sense of fear.


Never stay sober

Tejeshwar Sandhoo

For men who want to look classy wearing the most simple and modest designs, “Blueberry blackout” is their go-to place. Launched in 2014, Tejeshwar Sandhoo started his blog because of the gap he found in identifying a men’s fashion influencer. His blog is an inspiration for all ordinary men who feel that fashion and style isn’t their cup of tea. He believes that self confidence is the biggest style quotient and it is this belief that he brings into his blog to connect with his ardent following. Along with unique prints and patterns he adds much quirk to his outfits.


Blueberry Blackout

Allen Claudius

Bowties and bones”, is an interesting blog not only in its sound but otherwise as well. Owned by Allen Claudius, who has a flair for writing, he brings to the world of fashion a unique easy to imitate look for anyone who wants to have fun with cloths. By documenting his experiences and real life situation he brings niche into the blogosphere by bringing his own personality and self into his sense of style and fashion that is much loved by his 2 Lac following. A true lover of street wear and sneaker, anyone who wants an inspiration and wants to play with patterns and colour, Allen will have you gripped.

Website: bowtiesandbones

Bowties and Bones

Param Sahib

Quirky is the dominant emotion that goes through anyone who visits “Parambanana”, one of the most interesting and inspiring blogs owned by Param Sahib. Param’s style is unpredictable and bold, which is what creates a niche in the world of men’s fashion. With unlimited quirky alternatives to have fun with in terms of colour, patterns and silhouettes, Param wins the hearts of his limited and ardent following every single time. He never ceases to amaze us with his radiant and exciting sense of personality which he brings into his style as well, an extension of which can be seen in the clothing brand he launched called Param Sahib clothing.



Abhinav Mathur

Luxury and class defines the style quotient of Abhinav Mathur, on his blog “Abix”. His flair for theatre and acting was recognized by brands who wanted him to curate content for them, which finally brought him to the blogosphere. His safe yet, smart style has been an inspiration for anyone wanting to keep it simple yet elegant in their everyday lives. His carefully crafted looks with his formal wear has the eyes of his followers glued to the style and fashion he has created. His credentials include endorsement of brands like OPPO and HP.



Dhruv Madan

A fitness consultant and nutritionist, Dhruv Madan has also created his identity in the world of fashion blogging through “Dhruvmadanofficial”. Along with his 2 Lac following, his style in casual and formal clothing is spot on for anyone who wants to add the right amount of fun, comfort and boldness to their sense of style. His edgy style is an easy-to-imitate for anyone who wants a quick fix on how to look classy. His blog is a double whammy for people who want to get inspiration on fashion and fitness.


Dhruv Madan official

Arpit Pahwa

Minimalistic is what defines Arpit Pahwa’s way of fashion in his blog, “The Parallel edit”. A digital marketing enthusiast, Arpit brings his originality by adopting a style that is clean and simple. He plays around with colours even in the midst of the simplicity by bringing in unique colours and contrasting them with uncommon ones. His blog is perfect for anyone who is not a fan of experimenting and is looking for an affordable solution to look their best. He endorses various prominent brands like ponds, Peter England, Fab India and the like.


The parallel edit

Arshad Ahmad

Arshad Ahmad seems like a man who lives and breathes fashion. Launched in 2013, “Iamarshd” has become a safe haven for anyone looking for change in style and wants to add a bit of elegant quirkiness to their wardrobe. He has been successful in adding just the right amount of colour and style to the lives of his ardent following who looks for a style suggestion on a daily basis. His colour palate has also been enviable. He is the right person to turn to for people who wants to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.



Sandeep Rai

Quick to grab the spotlight, Sandeep Rai started his blog “Basciallymenz” in the year 2018. A flair for vintage fashion defines the style of this Delhi boy who loves to experiment with different silhouettes and patterns. His blog is carefully crafted with photographs that are stunning to look at, which brings a tone of richness to his fashion. A lover of tailored suits, anyone who wants to be event ready and are looking for innovative ideas on wearing suits and is open to experimenting should follow Sandeep for the latest trends.



Shyam Tyagi

Creativity is what defines Shyam Tyagi’s sense of style in his blog “The style mirror”. He is eccentric with the right amount of quirk that will set your day off to the perfect start. His fashion is fun yet elegant. Shyam is regular with giving his ardent following of 1.5 Lac styling and grooming suggestions through online workshops conducted by him. A big believer of relevance, he is updated with the latest trends and often creates easy-to-imitate versions of the latest styles. He encourages his audience to go for comfort and create their own sense of style.


The style mirror


Known as the grooming guru, Riaan has won many hearts through his blog, “Urban eye”. A fashion enthusiast who indulges in luxury fashion, Riaan is both effortless and elegant. He successfully grips the fashion enthusiasts with his minimalist yet confident style statement. His grooming tips are what his following is most enthusiastic about. To his credential he has not only fashion, but luxury, lifestyle and aviation which makes his blog all the more interesting and vibrant.


Urban eye

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Emirates receives support from government amid Corona chaos

The adverse effects of pandemic is clearly visible on aviation industry, as it has pummeled airlines. In this context, there comes a big news where Dubai’s government says it will inject equity into Emirates airlines. As the Middle East’s largest carrier has abeyant its flights at its hub due to coronavirus. Considering the strategic importance of Emirates airlines across globe, Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bib Mohammed bin Rashid AL Maktoum said that it’s our key role to support our airlines in this pandemic as it is the major international aviation hub. The exact details of financial support is not out yet. Emirates airlines carried around 60 million passengers last year, keeping Dubai’s international airport as the world’s busiest airport in the world.

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Due to coronavirus travel severance, aviation industry have pummeled worldwide, the carriers are all grounded temporarily laying off cabin crew, pilots and reducing salaries of staff. UAE, which is home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi has closed all its national and international borders to travelers. Only cargo flights, a small number of flights which are indulged in helping local citizens and medical emergency cases are flying through country’s airport. With its effect flydubai became the latest airlines to announce its staff cut-off of nearly 4000 employees. Not only staff reduction they have also reduced the salaries of existing employees by 20-50% for a initial period of 3 months starting from end of April.The decision has not been taken lightly.The company’s chairman said, but with a heavy heart that the aim of resuming its operations in best possible way and ensuring full satisfaction of their employees. Emirates and flydubai are owned by Dubai’s sovereign-wealth fund and have same chairman, but operate independently.

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Looking at bail-out of Emirates airlines, carriers and lobbyists in Europe are also urging for the same treatment. In one similar case, Norwegian Air was offered $270 million in credit guarantees by government of Norway. The White House and Senate Republicans are offering upto $50 billion in loans with less rate of interest but no grants are being offered.

How today’s youth is changing culture of future generations

Over the past few years, youth has been at the forefront of discussions and decisions across the world. Popular world leaders have been spotted at various instances indulging in the power and curiosity of the ever changing youth of the world, calling them the change makers of the future. This emphasis has lead to a change in communication and strategy adopted by business and leaders who is seen largely catering in favor of the youth.

Isha Foundation

This transformation has come about majorly because the trends that define today’s culture in terms of technology, social life, fashion or communication has undergone a change because of this set of population. Over the months we have also seen the evolution of youth through their participation in relevant happenings in the country such as protests and demonstrations. The rise of this population in the world has brought about a new term known as “the youth culture”. The youth culture has been defined as “the way children, adolescents and young adults live, and the norms, values, and practices they share.” The practices and values they shared over the years have been so deeply engraved in the society that the adults had no choice but to adapt them.

It is inevitable to mention the contribution of youth in the boom of social media. From a mere platform to chat with our friends to a platform to wage wars has been an amusing smooth ride carried out by the youth. This became such a sensation that the expatriates who face problems and are detained on false grounds used the media to communicate to the former external affairs minister of India The late Sushma Swaraj on twitter, many of them being successfully rescued and bought back to their homeland.

Freepress journal

Businesses have been carefully observing the behavior of the youth to bring about important innovations to their products. It is the hunger of the youth to gain more knowledge and information that bought a revolutionary change in the way content is created in today’s world. Businesses like Netflix and Amazon spend millions to experiment with variety of shows. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix had famously stated that after spending millions on a TV show and releasing the first episode, he has stalled its production because it refused to connect with the population. Such a popular culture emerged with the acceptance of the world’s young population towards the advancements of technology.

Today’s youth is demanding and certain. This has lead to immense freedom of choice. The striking knowledge of the youth has resulted in people coming forward in unison to speak against and for, what they believe is right. They have stood up breaking the shackles of the forces that tried to fetter them. What does such strength hold for the future generation?

In my belief, a world that is undivided by the fear and felony.

How will Covid-19 impact Travel & Tourism industry

Due to Covid – 19, airlines industry will have to face a burn $61 billion of cash reserves in the second quarter. According the analysis, there will be a 38% drop in travellers all around the world. Just like all the other sectors Travel & Tourism Industry will also have to bug up.

Globetrotters will never stop their feet in any circumstance. They all must be waiting for the adieu of Coronavirus so that they can come out of the walls and breathe in fresh air. After Covid-19, there will be a slight change in the ways people will travel.

Employment at Stake

Tourism Industry accounts to 10% of the GDP and provides more than 50 million jobs. There will be a reduction  of 12%-14% in the industry. All the associated people will get affected. Asia will be the largest effected continent worldwide. It will take around 10 months to recover from this situation.The tourism value chain across hotels, travel agents, tour operations, destinations, restaurants, family entertainment venues and air, land and sea transportation will get into slump.

Mode of Transportation

At least of a year people will travel inside their own country. They will have a fear of stepping in some other country for wandering. People will fear traveling in Cruises and flight, eventually they will have to reduce the packages to attract customers. Airline Industry will have to tie up with Tourism Industry to bug up their losses. People will prefer to travel by their own vehicle or use car for that matter.

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Hygiene & Cleanliness will be on priority

People will avoid travelling to places where there is a lot of crowd. For them hygiene will be important. Even if they travel by flight they will clean the sit, wash hands regularly, avoid touching here and there, greet people by maintaining a distance. They will only travel to places which are clean and less travelled by. Hotels will be checked twice before opting for one. There will be sense of phobia for germs all around.

Choosy about destinations

People will now be very choosy about their destinations. Most of the people would like to travel somewhere where they will be close to the nature like hills and beaches. People fill find places where travellers are quite less. The businessmen will find it hard to make packges even though the flight fares will be low.

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Long Drives will be preferred

People will start going for long rides in the weekend, instead of planning for a long vacation. Spending time family members, going for a one day picnic in the outskirts will be preferable. People will go for bon fires and camping for a night. Everone will have to think of short plans instead of long plans.

Abroad trips will be a taboo

People will have to think twice before an abroad plan to go to. Everyone will avoid going to countries like China, Spain , Italy and cpountries where the impact of corona is huge. For vacation and for study purpose abroad will be a far away choice. They will be afraid the viruses and fear of stucking out there will be high.

Due to this, international airlines will have to bear a high loss. Travel & Tourism industry will have to struggle to get customers. Tourist places will also have bear a high maintaining cost without revenue generation.

Picture Credits:Free design Files

Impact on Air Transport 
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) gauges that worldwide air transport incomes will be diminished by 5% this year, which implies 29.3 billion dollars less (around 27,000 million Euros). While OPEC has brought worldwide interest of oil down to 19%, 100.73 million barrels for every day. The travel industry is currently in unchartered domain with huge misfortunes detailed effectively overall frenzy of the Corona Virus is likewise found in the financial exchange crumples that for a considerable length of time have influenced every significant aircraft, administrators and lodgings, for example, the American, European and Asian ones.

Attack on China’s Tourism 

With tourism representing 11% of China’s GDP and due to outbreak of virus nobody will visit China. Any government will not grant Visa’s for China according to World Travel & Tourism Council.In China there is now growing optimism that the epidemic will get under control by late April according to renowned pulmonologist Zhong Nanshan, head of the team of medical experts at the National Health Commission of China. But the question lies will people be willing to visit China?

Corona Virus has writhed the world’s travel industry, with enormous stages. For example, Booking being compelled to drop reservations in the Asian nation. The travel industry faces an exceptional intersection of dangers made up of a worldwide wellbeing caution.The deficiency of airplane because of the emergency of the Boeing 737 Max.The social belittling of movement. Misrepresented and even bogus media offensives; atmosphere disasters.Area charges, liquidations of administrators and carriers. The political shakiness and financial log jam in the enormous markets ,which indicates least a worldwide constriction for the travel industry business sooner rather than later.

Corona Lockdown : Best fashion tips to follow while on work from home

“Work from home” is the new style people around the world have opted for during this lockdown and why not do it fashionably? There is no way anybody in India can step out before 15th of April and for all those who work from home, through skype or conferencing have this opportunity to style themselves fashionably. Most of the people that work from home have resorted to leisure wear in their sweatpants and sweatshirts but it is time they look more professional and serious about working from home. So here are a few fashion tips for those who work from home:

  1. Pair a dark-coloured turtle-neck with a comfortable trouser with flats or shoes to complete the look. This will not only be comfortable but very professional too.

    Picture Credits: Pinterest
  2.  You can always feel free to pair a plain white tee with blue jeans and shoes to be comfortable, sporty yet serious.

    Picture Credits: Mygirlpedia
  3.  You can always choose to wear a comfortable overall that makes you look sporty and makes you feel good.

    Picture Credits: Broma Bakery
  4. A sweatshirt and a pair of leggings will not only make you look good but effortless. Pair them up with comfy sports shoes to make it look more aesthetic.

    Picture Credits: Pinterest
  5. A sweater and a pair of shorts make you look stylish and yet are very comfortable.

    Picture Credits: Pinterest
  6. Pairing up a shirt with a cardigan would be yet another great idea to go about working from home.

    Picture Credits: TShirtPlus

    These outfits would not only make you look stunning but also professional and fun. Adding on to the list here are a few ways you can style your hair while working from home to look stylish yet serious.

  7. A ponytail would always look good, professional and beautiful. It also gives you enough space to work as you no longer have to manage your hair.

    Picture Credits: Pinterest
  8. Speaking of ponytails, a low ponytail would always suit an attire that includes cardigans and make you look older and more serious about things.

    Picture Credits: Pretty Designs
  9. A plain brain is always an easy and simple way to style your hair. It makes you look more serious and makes it easy for people to notice your features more clearly. Here are the various ways you can braid your hair in.

    Picture Credits: Learn Be Mobile
  10. Just leave them open. Trust me, it’s always a pleasure to have your hair open.

    Picture Credits: Tistabene
  11. You can also use half of your hair in a bun or a braid or clutched to give your look an edge.

    Picture Credits: Pinterest
  12. If you are a man and are wondering whether there is something for you or not. Well, yes. Men can go for checked shirts with folded sleeves with comfortable trousers or jeans and shoes to look stylish yet ready to work.

    Picture Credits: El Corte Ingles
  13. Sweatshirts and jeans will always be one of the comfiest attire and will still give you an edgy look.

    Picture Credits: Peter England
  14. Or you can always go for a sweater and a shirt with jeans. This look will never disappoint you and will make you look more stylish and fashionable.

    Picture Credits: Pinterest
  15. A collared T Shirt, a polo T shirt with a pair of jeans will always do wonders to your look.

    Picture Credits: Mens Fashion Blog India

    Those were some really easy and accessible and fashionable ways to dress up for work from home because why be only comfortable when you can be comfortable and fashionable.

Peta’s “I’d rather go naked” Campaign ends after 30 years

Peta is an organization that has been working for animal rights since years and years and will do for years to come. It upholds the motto of  “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” Almost thirty years ago Peta started collaborating with celebrities for the campaign “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” including The Go-Go’s who posed first for the campaign holding a poster saying we’d rather go naked than wear fur.

Picture Credits: Vegconomist

This went on and on for thirty years including various celebrities like Christy Turlington, Pamela Anderson, Taraji P. Henson, Wendy Williams, Pink, Christina Applegate, Eva Mendes, Tony and October Gonzalez, Kate Del Castillo, Nev Schulman, Roselyn Sanchez, Joanna Krupa, Dennis Rodman, Olivia Munn, Elisabetta Canalis, Tommy Lee, Gillian Anderson, and Ireland Basinger- Baldwin. Now after thirty long years of campaigning against fur and mink, Peta has decided to end this campaign because it feels that the situation has come under control and there are many other issues at hand that need more attention at the present moment and thus, there will no more exist the I’d rather go naked campaign.

Picture Credits: Peta UK

However, this campaign not only aimed at stopping the use and abuse of fur and mink but in various sub texts tried to divert the attention of the readers towards a cruelty free lifestyle wherein if they wished they could opt for fake fur. The idea is to go minimize, in fact to avoid any cruelty from our side to animals. Peta suggests that our idea of animals being obligated to provide us with wool, fur, leather or mink is completely baseless and selfish on our parts. It is very important, I’d say necessary now for us to shift to cruelty free products so that we are responsible for no harm that is caused to animals.

Picture Credits: Gladstone Observor

So many animals are killed for their fur and thus, are electrocuted, drowned, beaten and also skinned alive. This is not only violent but selfish. Human beings have crossed all limits for their desires and it is the animals that have been suffering for ages now. Peta takes initiatives to save all animals from the cruelty of human beings. When famous people collaborate with Peta for the cause, it makes it easier for people to connect and understand.