India City Blog, is an initiative by a young and enthusiastic team spread across India. The main aim of the team is to provide an alternative to the mainstream media, which is losing its respect in the modern time. We aim to provide unbiased opinions and updates to the users.

The content on India City Blog, contains a positive approach along with meaningful insights. We are a portal by the youth, for the youth. For the next generation, which needs quick, on-the-go content, we’re the content to consume.

India City Blog Team

Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

With over 7 years of media experience, Prithvi has couple of successful exits to his name. He spent most of his career reporting tech and startups, however, love for mainstreams topics like Politics and Business, made him start India City Blog. At ICB, Prithvi covers Politics and Business other than being the editor-in-chief.

Pankaj Singh Chauhan

Pankaj is a sports enthusiast and has played cricket, football and boxing professionally. He is currently an intern with ICB covering Sports.

Sree Sravani Silari

Youngest of the team, Sravani covers latest entertainment beats from across the industry. Due to her interest, she also contributes to the educational content on the site. She is currently a student intern with ICB.

Sirisha T

Sirisha has a masters degree in computer applications, however, her interest towards Bollywood brought her to writing. She covers Entertainment on India City Blog.

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