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IBM to sack 5000 employees in next few quarters

IBM india
Joining the trend of recent sackings, IBM has now confirmed that it will fire 5000 employees over next few quarters.

Joining the trend of recent wave which saw big IT companies firing thousands of employees, IBM has now confirmed that it is considering sacking over 5000 employees in next few quarters. IBM has joined the likes of Infosys, Cognizant and Wipro, who have let go thousands of employees each in the last few weeks.

Speaking to ET Now, one of the sources closer to the development stated that the procedure to fire people has already been started and the managers have been asked to identify the under-performers. Though there is no articular date for when the procedure starts, it will be completed within next 2-3 quarters.

In an email statement, IBM stated that the process is a part of restructuring. It also stated that as the adoption of cloud technologies increases, the dependency on human workforce will decrease. The company has over 1,50,000 employees in India at the moment.



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