Traditional vs. Sticky Bonuses – Which Type of Bonus is Better?


The online gambling industry has been witnessing constant growth since inception. As the gambling market has become so saturated, online casinos are taking new options to bring more players to their premises, usually by offering a lot of bonuses to existing and new players. There are different bonuses out there, but in essence, it’s good to know the difference between sticky and traditional bonuses. Here’s a helpful guide to get to know these bonuses.


For online casinos, it is very common to offer bonuses to appeal to players. However, logistics of such bonuses vary significantly. Traditional bonuses are added to your balance directly. Deposit and withdrawal bonuses are very common. As long as you meet your withdrawal needs, funds you get can be withdrawn with the winnings.

On the other side, some casinos offer sticky bonuses or non-cashable bonuses. These bonuses can be wagered. They can be added to your balance but cannot be withdrawn. You need to know how sticky bonuses work. In your account, some will stay indefinitely until they are wagered so you never need to worry of losing them.

However, phantom bonuses are offered by some casinos. These bonuses disappear for the first time when you withdraw from your account. Read the terms and conditions of sticky bonuses properly if you don’t want to withdraw until you spend it.

Do Traditional or Sticky Bonuses matter?

It can be little difficult to prefer an online casino on the basis of bonuses they offer. A lot of players don’t go with sticky bonuses as they cannot be withdrawn. However, sticky bonuses are usually higher as compared to traditional bonuses, so they can be a better option. A lot of sticky bonuses are around 200% to 400% higher than the initial deposit, whereas traditional bonuses rarely go up to 100%. If you enjoy playing in a casino and want to spend whole bonus, it is better to go for sticky bonuses when it comes to decide where to play.

Knowing the Rules of Earning Bonus

No matter what kind of bonus you are playing for, be sure you understand all the rules thoroughly.

Learn how to earn bonus

You may not know how to do it but there are different needs for different types of bonuses. You can earn the comp bonuses for every dollar wagered by you. Usually, online casinos pay up to 0.2% of the value of wagers in comp points.

Referral bonuses are offered to the players who urge others to create account. The referee may get the bonus but it is basically smaller than the amount of bonus paid to referrer. You could get the referral bonus just after the referee makes a deposit. But a lot of casinos will need certain wagering needs to be met before the bonus is received by any of those parties.

You can easily understand deposit bonuses. Casino offers cash rewards or bonus points to match your deposit. Deposit bonuses can be sticky much more than comp or referral bonuses but the condition might be applied to one of them.

Keep track on wagers of Phantom bonuses

If you are paid with any kind of phantom bonuses in online casino, be sure to keep track on them properly. There is no need to withdraw from your account until you wager them, unless you seriously need funds and you can’t wait, otherwise you will waste the rest of your bonus.

Phantom bonuses are added to your account directly. Hence, it can be difficult to know whether they are used or not. To avoid losing phantom bonus, you just have to keep track of the amount spent by you. There is nothing to lose by withdrawing at this point unless you get any sticky comp bonus. These are basically paid in comp points so you cannot convert them to cash.


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