cbse 12th board exam 2019: How to score more marks in this year’s exam?

cbse 12th board exam 2019

The CBSE 12th board exam 2019 will start on February 15 and will conclude on 4th of April 2019. There is no doubt that board exam are very stressful and it gives students nightmare just by thinking about it.

However, there are few tips that will help you to achieve better marks in coming board exams with just the basic preperation.

1. Make a proper time-table

time table

Without a proper planning, it’s almost impossible to reach your target.

Therefore, to make an effective preparation for the coming CBSE board exams, every student must prepare a proper study time table first and then make a habit to stick to the same.

A proper time-table will make sure that you cover all the aspects of particular subject.

2. Find a proper space to study

quiet place to study'

To prepare effectively for the examination, you need to identify a quiet corner of the home, so as to study in peace and prepare comprehensively for the examination.

A quiet and calm place will make sure that your mind doesn’t drift away from your studies.

Ensure that you are away from any kind of electronic gadget, be it television or radio as you start your preparations for the upcoming examination.

3. Go through NCERT properly

While preparing for board exams, students refer to several supplementary books and often end up ignoring their NCERT text books.

You should not ignore the questions given in their NCERT textbooks and keep them on their priority list while revising for the exam.

According to expert, NCERT alone can help you achiever 80-85 marks out of 100.

4. Solve sample papers

sample papers

Students are always suggested to solve more and more previous years’ question papers, especially when they are done after the revision of the whole syllabus.

CBSE Sample papers are released by the board for all subjects for classes 10 and 12 a few months before the commencement of board exams.

They also ask the students to go through the marking schemes released by the board. It will help you plan properly.

5. Take proper rest

It is also advisable that you take at-least 8 hours of sleep just the day before exam.

A proper sleep will ensure that your brain is rewired properly and your eyes and other organs are rested.

Students tend to get less of sleep on the exam day but that is not healthy.

6. Write perfect answers

List out the questions which you are more confident writing at. There’s no need to write the answers in the same order as in question paper.

Read a question carefully and understand the sense of question.

We know that there is no negative marking for wrong answers in the board exams. So don’t be afraid to answer all the questions about which you are confused, as you have nothing to lose.


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