Infosys launches InfyTQ for Engineering students


InfyTQ (talent quotient) app a next generation engineering platform has been launched on Saturday by Global Software major infosys. InfyTQ aims to offer learning and engagement experiences for engineering students in the country.

For third and fourth year engineering students this free platform is open in all over India.

The company said in statement, the platform is provided with contents, courses and news talent readiness at an industry level through online assessment and certification. The platform would be available both on desktop and mobile phones.

Conceptual and practical aspects of technology will be the only learning courses to ensure the understanding of fundamental building blocks.

The platform will also let the students to get updated with the latest happening, to stay connected with the organisations and make themselves familiarize with software’s major culture and value system.

Advanced learning materials, virtual programming environment will be the platforms offer to the students to sharpen their technical skills.

To help students sail the art of effective contextual response, inter-personal relationships, communication and e-mails and etiquette the platform also offers courses on professional skills.


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