Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) changes stance on merit-based scholarship scheme


Earlier Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) decided to introduce a merit-based scholarship scheme that would be given to only few meritorious students. But now all research scholars enrolled of 2018 batch will get stipends as earlier as SPPU changed their decision.

According to the students, the scheme SPPU decided to introduce placed unrealistic parameters denied them due stipends. Protests was staged by the students over there against the universities decision and they demanded their pending pay amount of last year.

For the University it was difficult to continue with earlier scheme as University Grants Commission (UGC) stopped to give them stipends fund at least two years ago. These funds were utilized to provide stipends to students pursuing PhD and MPhil Degrees.

Because of which the university came up with idea of introducing a merit-based scholarship instead of ditching the scholarship.

A monthly stipend of Rs 8,000 will be given to students who are pursuing PhD for a maximum period of three years. Whereas Rs 5,000 stipend every month will be received by students who are pursuing MPhil degrees. The officials stated that, amount can be hiked on the basis of the performances of the students.

“However, the student’s research progress will be evaluated after every year. If it is found satisfactory, only then will there be an enhancement in the monthly stipend,” said a university official.

The student, if found pursuing any other fellowship or stipends, will be declared ineligible for the Tata scheme.

Students who have received this fellowship and took up jobs will no longer be named to continue in this scheme, officials said. “Along with research progress, students are expected to maintain a monthly 75 per cent attendance during the course,” said officials.

One of the student who took art in the protest said, “During the admission in the university it was said that we will get the stipend for a period of three years, but now we are informed that it will revived every year.


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