St. Xavier’s Kolkata Vice Chancellor: Won’t allow politics inside the campus


Father Felix Raj, Vice Chancellor of St. Xavier’s University, to protect the academic atmosphere of the new university in Kolkata we will never allow politics inside the campus.“We have a tradition in St Xavier’s…..we discouraged politics inside the campus to maintain the academic atmosphere,” VC told PTI on Friday.

Parents are in very much favor of the step taken by the VC of the St. Xavier’s university. He said, “if you allow politics, if you allow parties, if you allow all these things coming into the campus…there will be no academic atmosphere.”

In the recent times West Bengal CM Mamata Bnaerjee and Education Minister Partha Chatterjee have praise the St. Xavier’s college and St. Xavier’s University. VC claimed that students are nit in favor of being divided. He said, “you ask students, they are not in favor of being divided.”. Even he was asked to comment on the praisal given by West Bengal CM and education Minister Partha Chatterjee.

He said, “the CM cited the St Xavier’s example for discipline and for quality education and suggested this type of students council be promoted in other institutions.” “I urge to make the campus a sacred place, there cannot be agitation and violence inside the campus….we must forget all differences, keep our differences outside and focus on our academic research and studies so that quality cannot suffer….we have to protect our institution and maintain the academic atmosphere,” he said.

In another five year’s time the new St. Xavier’s University will be able to “fully functionally well” VC said.

He added, for building and other facilities of the new institution Rs 185 crore has already been spent and Rs 160 crore would be used in coming years for more facilities.

Asked about the support of alumni, he said they have been very supportive.


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