Swara Bhasker at Hindu college for a panel discussion

swara bhaskar

‘Courtroom- Sacchai Haazir Ho’ starring Swara Bhasker, Vivek Narayan Sharma, joint secretary of Supreme court advocate on record association and TV actor Vikas kumar in an upcoming crime-legal show has  recently organised a panel discussion – decoding justice at Hindu College.

The panel comprising Swara Bhasker discussed about the strength and weakness of the Indian Judiciary. Little they reveal about the show is that the aim of the show is to make the audience understand about the working and machinery of the courtroom, about the rights of the people.

Swara Bhasker who is an alumina of Miranda house, was happy to be at Hindu college. Swara said,”I’m so happy to be here. she use to eat chicken roll under the tree when she had to attend the classes in Miranda house”. She added, Hindu college taught her a lot.

When Swara was asked about how she thinks society treats a survivor, she said,” I don’t think women only hesitate to go in a court, but also men who are not economically empowered also hesitate to go in a court. The obvious reason is it takes a lot of time. One of the biggest pressure is when women are expected to attend the court for cases like divorce, rape, social taboo, and many more. But things arec changed after the Nirbhaya case, but the society is still hostile towards the survivor”.

An audience member asked vivek Narayan Sharma that, if the general perception ‘Kanoon andha hota hai’ was true. He replied, “Kanoon andha nahi hota hai, kanoon ankh me pati isliye lagata hai taki voo dekh sake ki dono paksh barabar hai. It’s not always that a powerful person always wins the case because of wealth. We need to trust the system and the system is doing its work”.

TV actor Vikas kumar is the anchor in the show ‘courtroom’, and says it’s sometimes hard to for him to detach from the real life cases which has been highlighted in the show.

Geeta shroff, Principal conciliator, Family Court, Surat, spoke about how they functions as a citizens body which listens to both the parties before moving to the court.

Students at Hindu college had many questions for the panels over there.


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