T series vs pewdiepie live count: Indian music channel to soon dethrone Swedish youtuber

t series vs pewdiepie live count

The fight for top spot among ‘most subscribers on YouTube’ is going on loud and clear. Indian music channel T-Series is set to dethrone Swedish you tuber and currently highest subscribed channel, Pewdiepie.

JackSepticEye, the man behind the tag Pewdiepie, is getting concerned as T-series is just 36000 subscriber behind him and the possibility of him losing the number one spot is getting nearer.

As expected, a large number of pewds supporters are encouraging people to subscriber to swedish gamer. Various youtubers are running live on youtube supoorting him.

Today on 12 Feb, 2019, till 5:45 pm, Pewdiepie is just 36000 subs ahead of Indian channel.

Currently Pewdiepie has around 85.316 million subs and T-series has also crossed the mark of 85 million.

Jack has tweeted this just yesterday and is urging his followers to subscriber to him. He has written, “This is just sad…. you can end this madness by subscribing to PewDiePie! TIME IS RUNNING OUT.”

Support for Pewdiepie

Amidst this fight for number one spot, supporters of Pewdiepie are trying their best in order to keep him at the top.

Various top youtubers including Mr Beast are making videos encouraging people to subscribe for Pewdiepie.

One other fan by the name ‘Day by Dave,’ paid actual celebrities via the ‘Cameo’ website in the hopes that their endorsement would help PewDiePie to stay ahead of Indian music label.

Another famous youtuber Logan Paul has also extended his support for Pewdiepie.

Elon backing Pewdiepie?

There is now this rumor has well that tech-magnate and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has put his weight behind Pewdiepie.

Although regarding this, people are saying that Elon and Pewdiepie are planning to collaborate for some sort of meme making.

When Elon heard that pewdiepie is about to lose number one spot, he tweeted this:

You can watch the t series vs pewdiepie live count here:


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