‘Waah Zindagi’ trailer: Based on ‘Make In India’ initiative, individual’s fight against Chinese dumping policy


The first trailer of the movie ‘Waah Zindagi’ based on Swadeshi Make in India Concept released on Thursday. The film helmed by FTII alumnus Dinesh S. Yadav is bankrolled by Shivazza Films and Entertainment and Ashok Choudhary and co-produced by Shekhar Adroja, Rajubhai Dhamasana, and Virendra Goel.

It is a situational comedy drama and a satirical film. The protagonist, Ashok, is a character who peregrinates the journey of his life from childhood in a small Rajasthani village to his adolescence in a town and youth in a metropolitan city, before reaching a path of self realization.
waah zindagi
The movie is based on ‘Make in India’-Swadeshi concept which aims to make India an economically independent nation. An unconventional love story ‘Waah Zindagi’ is the saga of a destitute farmer’s son’s struggles to become an entrepreneur to win his childhood sweet-heart and a father who refuses to give up his dreams.
While talking to Indo Asian News Service Dinesh S Yadav said“The story chronicles a common man from a small town of Rajasthan, who takes a stand against China dumping all sorts of products in the market and putting everyone out of business. He creates his own product and fights the market insurgency by Chinese. In 2007, Chinese product dumping had put millions of Indians and factories out of business.”

Shri Ashiwini Mahajan, Co-convener, SJM shared “Chinese floods Indian markets with sub-standard plastics and toys which are known to be hazardous to health causing dangerous diseases. The only way to stop China from this would be to promote the Swadeshi – ‘Make in India’ which can make India from economically independent from China. ”

The teaser has received great review from Political and Bollywood fraternity. The film is slated to release on March 2019.


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