Running for a Cause: Harvest Gold Hosts the Global Energy Race in India


Running has become the millennial sport of choice. With greater dependency on internet technology, devices and computers, there is also rising awareness for a healthy lifestyle. Not surprisingly, fun runs, marathons, and runs for a cause have taken over many cities in the world. 

This huge growth in marathons and ‘fun-runs’ has now sparked an interest in the corporate space as well. Employee wellness programs are on the rise. More office spaces are ergonomically designed and there is more conversation around mental health, reduction of chair time and promoting healthier eating habits among the workforce. 

Several organizations have caught on to the importance of running and exercise as a social sport. So, through various media campaigns and events, corporate social responsibility now combines health and wellness with social causes to make a difference.

One such initiative is the Global Energy Race(GER).  It is an initiative by Grupo Bimbo(Harvest Gold in India) to promote a more active and healthier lifestyle by gathering families all over the world to participate in this one-of-a-kind running event. In 2018, the event took place across 38 cities in 21 countries where over 111,5000 people participated in the biggest family and sporting event that took place on the same day across the world. 

Grupo Bimbo is the world’s largest bakery company and has partnered with Harvest Gold in India. 

Popularized by the hashtag #Runwithus, the Indian counterpart of the race took place at Sector 58, in Gurgaon, on 23rd September 2018.  More than 1000 participants ran the race in 3k, 5K and 10k formats. Harvest Gold was the host for the 4th edition of this race at Gurgaon. 

There was also a walkathon for casual walkers who wanted to participate and contribute for the cause. The emphasis of this event is on running with family and friends. But that’s not all. GER is a race with a social cause. Grupo Bimbo donates two slices of bread for every kilometer ran by each participant. In India, Harvest Gold pledged two bread slices for every kilometer run during the event. Moreover, the top winners in both male and female 10k races won a sponsorship(with companion) to run the 2019 edition of this race at Madrid in Spain. 

The organizers Harvest Gold teamed up with a local NGO, Uday Foundation in Gurgaon to carry out the bread donation pledge to food banks in the city.  People from various ‘walks of life’ teamed up to walk and run for a noble cause. Inclusivity and family spirit are important to the spirit of this race. And therefore, the race invites everyone from competitive runners, casual walkers, to families, friends and daily joggers. 

This is the biggest concurrent race event in the world. In fact, Global Energy Race broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the most 10K races held simultaneously worldwide on the same day. 

In addition, to motivate the ideals of inspiration, tenacity and  globality, the Global Energy Race comes up with distinctive images and symbols for their T-shirts and medallions. In 2018, the unique image had Madrid’s Statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree – used both on the medal and the shirt, which were collectibles. 

After the completion of the race in Gurgaon, Harvest Gold donated 18,848 bread slices via Uday Foundation. All race finishers received medals and timing certificates. 

About Harvest Gold India:

Harvest Gold India is a food company based in New Delhi, India. Founded in 1993, it produces a variety of food products including Bread, Buns, Pav, Roti and Pizza Base. The founder and Chairman of the company are Mr. Adil Hassan and Ms. Taab Sidiqqi. The Group has expanded into many units in the northern region of India with its headquarters in New Delhi. The company is a joint venture between Group Bimbo and Ready Roti India PVT LTD.

About Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo is the world’s leader in the baking industry. It has over 141 thousand associates, in 2016 reached sales for 14.4 billion US dollars. It has 202 production plants and close to 1,800 sales centers strategically located in 32 countries around the world, within four continents. It produces over 13 thousand products under more than 100 umbrella brands of prestige, in categories such as loaf bread, buns and toasted bread. It also has a wide distribution network in the countries where it is present, which is one of the largest in the American continent. Grupo Bimbo is listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) under the BIMBO ticker. In 2017, they entered the Indian market by announcing a joint venture with Harvest Gold.


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