Corona Lockdown : Best fashion tips to follow while on work from home

“Work from home” is the new style people around the world have opted for during this lockdown and why not do it fashionably? There is no way anybody in India can step out before 15th of April and for all those who work from home, through skype or conferencing have this opportunity to style themselves […]

Peta’s “I’d rather go naked” Campaign ends after 30 years

Peta is an organization that has been working for animal rights since years and years and will do for years to come. It upholds the motto of  “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” Almost thirty years ago Peta started collaborating with celebrities for […]

A big catastrophe on Fashion Industry due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has provided a big setback to the fashion industry as a whole. With 40% of the apparel industry of America being handled by China. After the pandemic attack the supply chain has got dismantled. Another help can be taken up by Vietnam, but even for that purpose cloth is needed.Thus US market is discovering […]

How fashion in 21st century is about rebellion and empowerment

What to wear would be the most difficult question we must be asking ourselves in the present day. That is precisely because clothes not only represent beauty and comfort, but also resemble culture and what we stand for in the current world of chaos and confusion. This is because today we use our bodies to […]

G Venket Ram recreates Raja Ravi Varma’s Paintings For his 2020 Calendar Photoshoot

G. Venkat Ram and his 2020 calendar with eleven actresses and dancers has been making headlines for a while now for having recreated Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings for a charitable trust, NAAM founded by actor-director Suhasini Maniratnam. This was to celebrate, “the spirit of Indian womanhood” he said. As many as 11 women including Samantha […]

From Paris men’s fashion week to haute couture; Covid-19 shattering Fashion Shows & Apparel Industry

In the depths of despair of quarantine measures followed around the world due to Covid – 19 pandemic; fashion industry slump can be seen clearly visible as the industry’s fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and London are repealed. The board members of Federation de la haute couture et de la Mode publicize on Friday announced […]

Covid-19 Outbreak : Ralph Lauren to produce masks, isolation gowns

Ralph Lauren is an American billionaire who also happens to be a fashion designer and a businessman, mostly known for his Ralph Lauren Cooperation which is a global multi billion dollar enterprise. Ralph Lauren is the 102nd richest person in the United States of America as of 2019. No one in the fashion industry will […]

How coronavirus outbreak is affecting fashion industry globally

The world has been through phases of recessions, world wars and what not, and yet fashion has always come out alive, always more than before. However, Covid-19, commonly known as the Corona Virus has had an even striking effect on the Fashion industry bringing the graph to a descending halt and the life of such […]

Sabyasachi associates with Bergdorf Goodman for jewellery exhibition in New York

Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has associated with the US luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman to showcase handcrafted pieces of fine and bohemian jewellery collection in Bergdorf, New York between January and March. The exhibition will feature three Sabyasachi collections including Sudder, Bengal Royale, and Chowringhee. Sudder is inspired by the colours and culture of […]

Atul Kasbekar: Kingfisher Calendar 2020 Celebrates Women Beyond Looks

“Now we celebrate women through our calendar. We celebrate their choices, their freedom, their individuality and, of course, their confidence. Today, it is more beyond looks,” says ace fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar. Kasbekar has seen 17 years of Kingfisher Calendar through his lens and feels representation of models in the calendar has changed and became […]