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Aditya Birla’s fashion arm introduces Liva brand with antimicrobial feature

Innovation has become the linchpin for brands adapting to the new normal. A slew of creative strategies are being adopted by companies to maintain their competitive advantage and get consumers back into the game. One such brand that has become the talk of the town is Liva, which is a brand under Birla cellulose.

Source: The financial express

The parent company Aditya Birla group had organised a virtual launch of the brand new Liva over a webcast where the company’s group executive president and Global chief sales and marketing officer, Rajeev Gopal introduced the apparel with added protection of Antimicrobial fibres. By injecting antimicrobial agent into viscose staple fibre which is further woven into a fabric is said to keep us from bacteria and virus. This fantastic piece of innovation would last over multiple washes and is considered to retain comfort, softness and fluidity of the material. The fabric which would kill 99 percent of the bacteria or virus would keep its consumers safe in this new world of fear and caution where cloths are also a breeding ground for viruses. The killing of the microbes keeps the fabric fresh and also increases hygiene and odour development.

Source: Grasim

The fabric has gone through multiple levels of research and development before rendering itself successful for customers. The research and development team said that the science behind it is that the active agent is strongly bonded with the substrate which in turn gains durability to wash and wear. Therefore when the cell membrane of the microbe interacts with the active agent in the fabric, it interrupts the essential functions of the cell which gets ruptured and finally kills the microbe. The effectiveness of the same has been tested and validated by the ISO where its standards and authenticity has been checked and verified. Consumers also do not need to worry about its affects on the skin because it is considered to be skin friendly.

As brands try hard to please and protect consumers by bringing immense creativity and taking risks, the new normal seems to be bringing in an excitement in the minds of consumers as well. Birla has indeed risen way beyond with its strategic innovation, though it is yet to see how this would pan out to the company.


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