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Corona Pandemic : GRADO launches virus resistant anti-viral fabrics

GRADO is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the textile industry. It is a leading supplier of specialty fabrics with anti-bacterial properties for various national and international brands. In the wake of COVID-19, the company has taken a step forward. It took the challenge to develop a special anti-viral fabric which is safer and suited for everyday use.

GRADO has invented NEO TECH® technology wherein, the products tailored out of this material would be resistant to viruses and microorganisms. It would act as a shield against viruses present in the surroundings, making the garment relatively safe and hygienic.

NEO TECH® is a unique technology that is developed by the Donear group companies and further perfected by brand GRADO. The fabric is revolutionary and has been certified by top-laboratories such as NABL accredited BioTech Services. This technology has been certified safe to wear/ use for any kind of garment – suits/ jackets/ trousers. This ingenious technology can retain its properties up to 50 washes, thus, making it suitable for regular use.

GTBL and OCM under the umbrella brand GRADO have been trusted by their global partner for many years and now the technology is receiving huge appreciations from all walks of life. The production of these fabrics is being carried in full power. “Currently, we are geared up to take on bulk orders and should be able to roll out to the market within a few days of the lockdown being lifted.”, explains Rajendra Aggarwal, Mentor, GRADO. “We are also in the middle of running a pan-India TV ad campaign (including on top-shows like Ramayan and Mahabharata on Doordarshan), educating the consumers about this remarkable product and its benefits.”

Commenting on the range, he said “We have been investing in R&D for a very long time. We have been pioneers in introducing a lot of innovative products in the market in the past as well with products such as STREEZA (4-way stretch fabric), ICE-touch (making you 5 degrees cooler) and Uncrushable (for wrinkle resistance) amongst others, which are continuing to fare extremely well. NEO TECH® is the latest addition to that long list.”

“Given the current world situation, we wanted to be in a position to offer a more hygienic product choice to the market post this lock-down; and what could be better than anti-viral clothing that can be worn by anyone and everyone. We are really happy about the outcome and also feel proud about contributing to the nation during these trying times,” he added.


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