“We get asked about when the next, next, next collections are coming, but we consciously choose to only make smaller drops,” announced Nicobar on social media as it took a step towards sustainability with the launch of new clothing line from recycled materials.

The brand further added, “From our relationships with our factory partners to carefully-considered social and environmental factors during sourcing and production, we’ve always believed in transparency. We’re proud to say that, while we’re not perfect, every day we take small steps towards ensuring that mindfulness remains a core value at Nicobar.”

Nicobar now uses organic cotton and 50% recycled wool to produce the clothing line. The brand stated, “⁣Virgin’ wool production is land and water intensive which requires energy, water, and chemicals to turn the shorn fleece into the clean dyed fibre. But ⁣⁣recycled wool doesn’t require any of this. It is a comparatively lower-impact process, saving water, eliminating resulting wastewater, and also uses significantly less energy than what is required to produce new fabrics.”

Speaking about organic cotton, the brand said it is being used to craft all the core clothing including t-shirts for now and will further work to expand this across all clothing collections. “We’re continuing to expand our use of organic cotton into many of the styles we offer,” concluded the brand.


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