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List of most popular, top female fashion bloggers in India

Every woman wants to have a unique sense of style. Some create their own, and others look for an inspiration.

Here are some of the top fashion bloggers who carved a niche for creating their own space in the cluttered world of fashion by bringing their own touch of originality.

Anshita Juneja

The founder of the much popular blog, “Vanitynoapologies”, Anshita Juneja has been on the checklist of every girl who wants to glam up. Upon starting her blog in December 2010, she came to the highlight quicker than one might expect. Her blog is a treasure trove for everyone looking for all kinds of fashion and beauty advice, be it cloths, skin, eye, health and the like. She not only offers an affordable solution into the best product one can buy but has also opened her portal up to anyone who may have a query regarding a particular look or product, where the diva herself answers the question. Her tips and tricks have found a place in the heart of every girl looking for a quick fix.

Website: http://vanitynoapologies.com/


Akansha Redhu

The founder and editor of the blog, “Akansharedhu”, she has carved her way into the world of fashion blogging since 2010. Her credentials speak of having worked with eminent brands like, Burberry and Michael Kors. Her carefully crafted website is rather impressive with varied collection of subjects that one can explore like fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, jewellery and even yoga. She has also been praised for her sheer knack at turning simple clothing and adding her touch of fun to make it look classy and event ready. Her simple tips and tricks have proven to be a big success among her 4 lac following.

Website: http://akanksharedhu.com


Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap is the owner of the famous blog known as “Giasaysthat”, since the year 2009. With a following of about 3 lac, Gia brings to the world of fashion her own personality and style and inspires people to have their own. She is excellent with adding a touch of fun and experimenting with fashion in the simplest of the ways. Her blog opens up into a world of not only cloths, makeup, travel and product reviews but also into shopping. She has lead her way through bringing in ideas for budget shopping to her followers in a section called “pennywise”. Her blog is opinionated and takes us on a different ride of fashion.

Website: Giasaysthat.com 


Aashna Shroff

The snob journal”, founded by Aashna shroff has found its way high up into the fashion blogosphere over the last couple of years. A travel lover, she inspires people to create fresh and fun looks with what is available in the wardrobe. She has close to 7 lakh followers who get inspired by the tips and tricks this fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger endorses. To her credential she endorses major brands like Vero Moda, Amway, Tresemme to name a few. Apart from blogging her style advice, she is also the proud owner of “The snob shop” which contains interesting products like accessories, phone covers and jewellery that she creates to spice up the style quotient.

Website: http://thesnobjournal.com/

The snob journal

Devina Malhotra

The proud owner of the blog, “Guilty bytes”, Devina made her way into fashion blogging for a purpose. In the early years of her life, she was confronted with the task of finding the right fashion tip for curvy women. Her blog gives style and beauty tips, tricks and advice for women, who need remedies for event looks and skin care in an affordable and classy manner. Her flair for writing is also visible through her articles on the latest fashion updates and happenings in the industry. Launched in 2012, she has around 5 lakh followers till date. Her blog not only accounts for a bit of fun but is a confidence booster to all the young girls out there.

Website: http://www.guiltybytes.com 

Guilty bytes

Shalini Chopra

Shalini chopra founded the blog, “Stylish by nature”, in the year 2011. It has since then, earned the trust with matters regarding fashion, beauty, food and updates. Her blog constitutes a mix of luxury and casual style that can be adopted by anyone going for a rich look. Along with her 5 lakh followers, she has collaborated with brands like reliance fashion, bringing their new trends and her style to create fresh looks for the audience. Much to the excitement of her followers, she also has a “Shop my closet” option on her blog, where her followers can buy their favourite collections from her wardrobe. Her touch of elegance and luxury to fashion is what keeps her apart from the rest.

Website: http://www.stylishbynature.com/

Stylish by nature

Mehek Sagar

Mehek sagar is the owner of fashion and lifestyle blog, “Peaches and blush”, started in 2010. There has been no stopping for her since then. The carefully crafted blog has everything from beauty and fashion tips to latest updates on what is trending and what the celebrities and designers are up to. Her product reviews precisely talks about the use of the product for different skin tone and textures rendering her followers to go for the best product that suits their skin. Mehek’s enthusiasm for fashion has also led her to start a sub brand for bridal products under the same of brides by PB.

Website: http://www.peachesandblush.com/

Peaches and blush

Tanya Virmani

Let’s expresso” is the blog run by the fashion and lifestyle blogger Tanya Virmani. Launched in 2011, Tanya’s fun blog is an insight into beauty, fashion, travel as well as food. To her credentials she has partnered with various brands on her platform such as Dove, Lakme, Veet and the like. Her relaxed and daring style is loved by her followers who she inspires, to merge fashion with comfort. Her simple and charming sense of style has led her to curate various products for her much loved audience such as scarves and other accessories to bring fashion at the doorstep in an affordable way.

Website: https://www.letsexpresso.com/

Lets expresso

Masoom Minawala

Miss style fiesta” is a blog by Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Masoom Minawala. Launched in 2010, her blog not only contains her OOTD (Outfit of the day) and the styles and products she endorses but also encompass her opinions on the daily happenings in the fashion world. For Masoom, style fiesta is about the experience and I couldn’t agree more. The blog contains an honest insight into her daily world of fashion which is an inspiration to her 4.5 lac followers. Masoom’s popularity has been exploited by brands like L’Oreal which she endorses on her blog.

Website: https://www.stylefiesta.com/

Miss style fiesta

Kritika Khurana

The Boho girl” is the name of the blog owned by the fashion blogger, Kritika Khuranna. She is a big believer of comfort fashion and which is what she endorses in her blog. Her clean and elegant style has caught the attention of her 7 lac followers who are inspired by the style she brings about. As the name suggests Kritika is a huge fan of boho looks and experiments with colours to a great extent creating a sense of excitement in her fashion and style. Apart from talking fashion, she also owns an e commerce store called “The hype” which sells creative and fun accessories.

Website: www.thatbohogirl.com

The boho girl

Manvi Gandotra

Launched in 2012, Manvi Gandotra is the owner of the blog called “Style Inked”. Along with being a fashion blogger she is also a professional photographer which is evident in her blog. Her, do it yourself guide has become extremely popular among fashion enthusiasts looking for a quirky style as well as among novel designers who are in a search for inspiration. Her collection of DIY includes dress, clutches, necklaces and envelopes. She is prominent in playing with colours to give it a fun touch and also uses a variety of different fabrics in the products.

Website: http://styleinked.com/

style inked

Pallavi Ruhail

Pallavi Ruhail is the proud owner of the fashion blog, “The Delhi girl”. Unlike other bloggers, Pallavi has a different approach to blogging in fashion. She not only shares her styles and looks but also writes her thoughts elaborately on them. This has enthused, her 3 lac following, who turn to her for simple yet classy looks. Launched in 2013, she has gained much popularity over the years which have encouraged her to start a fashion, lifestyle, grooming, travel and entertainment magazine called TDG magazine. She has also endorsed beauty and skin care brands like VLCC and fashion and accessory labels like Swarovski.

Website: http://www.thatdelhigirl.com/

That delhi girl

Rassi Gaur

Blah and more” is the popular fashion blog owned by Rashi Gaur. This fashion cum beauty blogger has quick updates on the latest trends and practices in the fashion world including an exclusively dedicated hair and skin care section. Her quick fixes and tips to maintain hair and skin have her followers transfixed in her fashion world. The blog also interesting has a “giveaway” section where she gives some of her personal collection away on account of winning a contest that she puts forward occasionally.

Website: http://blahandmore.com/

Blah and more

Ankita Srivastava

The proud owner of the blog, “Corallista”, Ankita Srivastava has created an identity in the world of fashion since 2012. Dedicated to fashion and beauty, her blog offers a guide to anyone looking for a fresh look of change. Popular on both Intsagram and Youtube for her work, she has grabbed a following of close to 2 lakh over the years. She is not only updated with the celebrity looks eagerly sharing the easy-to-do guide into getting the popular celebrity looks but is also gives beauty tips for better skin care. Apart from all of the above, you would also be entering into a world of product reviews and best product to use for your skin, if you turn to Corallista for your beauty concerns.

Website: http://corallista.com/


Sayantini Bhattacharya

Cherry on top” is the fashion and lifestyle blog owned by Sayantini, launched in the year 2013. This fashion and beauty blogger from Kolkata with simple and affordable fashion tips is something every fashion enthusiast would look up to. She uses her personal style to bring about quirk for different occasions which is what her 4 lac followers adore her for. Besides her style advice, she is also popular for her beauty and skin care tips. It’s her sheer sense of simplicity and an easy to imitate style quotient that her followers love.

Website: https://cherryontopblog.com

Cherry on top

Parimita Chakravorty

Mumbai Gloss” is a popular fashion beauty and lifestyle blog owned by a true Mumbaikar, Parimita Chakravorty. Author of the book “look stunning at any size” she launched her blog in the year 2013. She credits her idea and inspiration to the work that she did for popular fashion and beauty magazines like Femina and Hello. Any update and latest trend on fashion and lifestyle can be followed by tuning in to Mumbai gloss. She brings a fresh perspective to the latest trends followed in the industry by adding her personal touch and quirk to the same.

Website: https://mumbaigloss.in/

Mumbai Gloss

Magali Vaz

Magalic” is a fashion and lifestyle blog run by Magali Vaz. What sets her blog apart is her unabashed street style that she endorses with much punk. For her, fashion is personal and it is a way in which she expresses herself. It is this quality that brings freshness and originality in her work which is much loved by her followers. She is also a fashion history enthusiast and adores the 20th century style. Her youtube channel is a treat to watch if you want to have a fresh perspective on your looks.

Website: https://magalic.com/


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