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Switch to healthier food for a better lifestyle

The world seems to be moving in its own pace and to catch up with that people have taken up many unhealthy practices including the food that they eat. But what else is unhealthy are the ingredients that make up so many of our food choices. To lead a healthy and fulfilling life, we will have to shift from unhealthy food choices to healthy food alternatives. Opting for these healthy food alternatives is not going to be easy but it will be worth it. It will not only help in reducing calories from our food but also help us in living a healthier and a long, long life. Here are a few food alternatives that you can opt for to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Milk to Almond Milk

Almond milk is comparatively low in calories and cholesterol from the normal milk we have. It also reduces our dependence on the dairy factory and can be prepared easily at home.

Picture Credits: Mother Jones

Ranch Dressing to Olive Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil and Vinegar are always going to be a simpler, healthier and more flavorful option that to go for Ranch dressing which contains preservatives and lots of chemically produced ingredients.

Picture Credits: Amazon

Chocolate Chips to Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa nibs are called the nutritional powerhouses and they are so much better than chocolate chips in terms of how healthy they are.

Picture Credits: India Mart

Table Salt to Himalayan Salt

Table salt is very unhealthy and even dangerous for people with a high blood pressure while the Himalayan salt is not. Himalayan salt can also be eaten during fasts.

Picture Credits: Tarazu

Breadcrumbs to Chia Seeds

For recipes like meatballs or meatloaves, Chia seeds are a better alternative than breadcrumbs. Chia seeds have exactly the same nutritional values as that of breadcrumbs.

Picture Credits: Organic Facts

Sugar to Stevia

Stevia, you might think of as an artificial sweetener, but it is a plant. It is completely calorie free and a perfect herbal alternative to sugar.

Picture Credits: News Medical

Croutons to Almonds

Almonds are very healthy. They are extremely nutritious and provide us with  magnesium, potassium and even calcium. Almonds can also be seasoned as per your requirements.

Picture Credits: NPR

Flour to Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is made up of dried and finely ground coconut extracts. It has very few carbs comparatively and a lot more fiber than in wheat flour.

Picture Credits: Tarla Dalal

Vegetable Oil to Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps in increasing the metabolism and thus, is also very helpful in reducing weight if that’s what you are looking for. The calorie count is almost similar in both the oils.

Picture Credits: India Mart

Sour Cream to Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of proteins and maintains a healthy digestive and immune system when compared to sour cream. The two substances hardly differ in the taste and thus poses no problem.

Picture Credits: Cabot Creamery


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