20 years of existence must for ‘Deemed-to-be-university’ tag : UGC


According to the latest circular released by the University Grants Commissions (UGC), the institutes that are ‘Deemed-to-be-university’ should have existence of at least 20 years. Eligibility criteria has been changed by UGC to ‘ensure quality education’.

Not only 20 years existence but for three consecutive cycle the institute should also have at least 3.26 CGPA, authorized by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).


  • the institute should be amongst top 50 ranks in any specific category or among top 100 rank in overall ranking of National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF).
  • the ratio of teacher-student shall not be less than 1:20 with a strength of not less than 100 teachers and a minimum of 2,000 students.
  • The institute should have at least five postgraduate department in existence for at least three years with research programme.

Detailed project report (DPR) have to be submitted by the institutes to achieve the status. The report should contain 15 year strategic vision plan and five year rolling implementation plan.

According to the UGC, under the new rule, once the institute gets the status, then that institute will be under surveillance of UGC and the UGC will monitor the academic status of the institute on the annual basis. Teacher student ratio should not go below 1:20. Graduate students must earn 50%. The institutes have to participate in NIRF Ranking and provide choice based credit system (CBCS) to students.

It would also be mandatory for institutes to create a selection committee which will make sure that the recommendations are followed. Under the new rules, the institutes which perform well under ‘deemed-to-be’ tag would be allowed to set up off-shore centres as well.

A selection committee would be mandatory for the institutes which will ensure that the guidance’s are followed. It is also mentioned in the new rule, that the institute which will perform well in the ‘deemed-to-be-tag’ will be allowed to set up centres as well.


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