24×7 water supply, Delhi Jal Board exploring possibility

Delhi Jal Board

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi gave green light to the ‘initiative’ taken by the Delhi Jal Board of providing round the clock water supply to all the residents in it.

Kejriwal is also the Chairperson of the Delhi Jal Board.

The Delhi Jal Board is of the opinion to hire a consultant to study the feasibility of 24×7 water supply for the residents of Delhi.

Previously, in the year 2017, the Delhi Jal Board launched a project in some areas of Malviya Nagar where purified and ‘drinkable’ water was provided round the clock in taps. However, the project is still awaiting expansion.

Currently, 47% of the 900 million gallons of water treated in Delhi is lost due to leakage and theft.

Delhi Jal Board has been evident of receiving complaints of water thefts by water tankers.

Many complaints were received, of water being theft from DDA borings, round the clock by several tankers.

As per the Delhi Jal Board, the crucial part of the decision will be the creation of ‘district metering’.

A District metering system checks the amount of water supplied at the entry point. It also checks the amount of water supplied to various colonies within the area, acting as a constant monitor.

Such system enables the water regulatory body to keep a check on the contamination and leakage problems.

Complaints of low pressure can be monitored through the  metering area, which is considered a necessity in order to prevent theft and leakages.

In an article published in the Hindustan times, on 26 November,2018, NDMC chairman Naresh Kumar said, “Water is supplied for two hours in the morning and for the same time in the evening. But not all areas get water supply with equal pressure. Moreover, interrupted supply leads to contamination and leakage. To conserve water, we have been looking for a long-term solution.”


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