AAP ready for ‘alliance’ with Congress, decision upto Rahul Gandhi now


Delhi BJP chief, Manoj Tiwari today ‘cleansed’ Jantar Mantar with ‘Gangajal’, which he claimed to be a ‘purification’ drive .He claimed to have brought the holy water from ‘sangam’ during his visit to KUMBH. Further, said that he didn’t know that he would get the opportunity to use the water so soon.

According to him, an ‘unholy alliance’ rallied in Jantar Mantar, referring to the AAP’s ‘save democracy rally’ organised the day before at Jantar Mantar. Hence, he had to ‘clarify’ the place.

He went there to observe a ‘black day’ on the completion of 4 years of AAP government in Delhi.

However, at the rally by AAP, several opposition leaders gathered to support the rally.

Farooq Abdullah, Mamata Banerjee, Chandrababu Naidu, Sharad Pawar, Derek ‘O’ Brian were amongst the major leaders who joined Arvind Kejriwal in the rally.

Mamata Banerjee in the rally, said that Narendra Modi’s term as PM is over now.

Farooq Abdullah, advised that everyone should focus on throwing Modi out of power first and then decide the candidate for PM.

Later, they were also joined by veteran Congress leader ‘Anand Sharma’

After the rally, most of these leaders sat on a meeting at Sharad Pawar’s residence.

Congress President,Rahul Gandhi also joined them in the meeting. However, he didn’t specify about any alliance in West Bengal and Delhi.

For the first time, Rahul sat on a briefing along with Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal sitting next to to him.

All the leaders in the meeting had this same resolution of dethroning ‘Modi’ and his government.

Sharad Pawar, however said that nothing is ‘clear’ yet and they’ll attend another meeting on 26th. But he said it to be a ‘good start’.

Mamata Banerjee said in a statement that AAP is ready for an alliance with Congress in Delhi and now it is up to Congress to decide whether they would sync in together to defeat the BJP in the Capital.

Kejriwal, however believes that 2 different candidates from 2 different parties would benefit the saffron party.

Mamata Banerjee also talked about a considered ‘pre-poll’ alliance.


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