Assam not going to be another Kashmir, Amit Shah on NRC Bill

amit shah in assam

In a recent rally attended by BJP party President Amit Shah in Assam, Shah said that the Modi-led BJP government won’t let Assam to be like Kashmir. He carried a list of 133 ‘schemes’ launched by Modi government for the youth and people of Assam, the country as a whole.

While mourning the devastating terror attack at Pulwama, resulting in the death of 44 of our brave hearts,  he mentioned the name of the soldier from Assam, who was amongst the martyred. He further asserted that the supreme sacrifice of our blatant soldiers won’t go in vain as it is not the Congress government in centre any more, but the Modi-led BJP government, dedicated to eradicate terrorism unlike others.

He further said that, it may be Northeast or Kashmir, terrorism will be uprooted.

Shah’s speech also found a place to praise the ‘surgical strike’.

He applauded Assam CM, Sarbananda Sonowal and Finance Minister Hemanta Biswa Sharma of being dedicated to the cause of Development, alongside Narendra Modi. And conveyed his gratitude to the people of Assam for the win  BJP government had in the recent Panchayat Polls in Assam.

Shah’s speech was filled with criticism for the Congress, the AGP of Assam.

Talking of the AGP he said that the AGP snapped its ties with the NDA and hence it lost the panchayat polls and further said that the Congress and the AGP didn’t do anything for the conservation of the ‘Clause 6’ of the Assam Accord but the BJP government is surely going to ensure its implementation.

‘Clause 6’ is likely to ensure the ‘deportation’ of every immigrant from Assam, however the ‘Citizenship Amendment Bil’ is likely to ensure ‘citizenship’ to 6 migrant groups of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Targeting Tarun Gogoi, former 3 times CM of Assam, belonging to the Congress , he said that there was the Congress government for 55 years and yet it didn’t award  Bharat ratna to Assamese icon, Lokpriya ‘Gopinath Bordoloi’ and ‘Bhupen Hazarika’. But asserted that it is the BJP government that awarded them with ‘Bharat Ratna’.

He also said that the Congress built 3 bridges in 70 years whilst the BJP government built the same number of bridges in Assam in just 5 years.

Amit Shah praised the ‘Citizenship Amendment Bill’ that initiated series of turmoils in the North Eastern states and said that this bill will ensure that infiltration is stopped and Assam’s demography doesn’t change, by targeting each ‘infiltrator’ and casting them out. But the entire community of Assamese people have been seen in the streets in protest to the Citizenship Amendment Bill, citing that it’ll endanger their ‘identity’.

He asserted that only the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Bill will ensure the safety of Assam’s  indigenous identity and culture.

Terming the list of schemes as ‘yojana ke guldasta’ he mentioned the named a couple from the list out of 133 names he carried.

Amit Shah  asserted that the BJP government in Assam be given another chance to prove their dedication towards the development of the state.


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