Atelier’s Campus Festival on February 24 from New Delhi, Read highlights

Atelier Campus Festival

On February 24, the 11th season of Atelier’s Campus Festival or ACT, sought after Theatre festival in the campus theatre circuit across the country will start from New Delhi.

ACT festival is growing linguistically, geographically and thematically all across the India, ACT has also facilitated across 400 production since its establishment, said a statement from the ACT.

A collegiate full-length production will start the 11th season of ACT that will be initiated on February 24, 2019 from New Delhi, followed by street and stage performances in  different venues and will reach a finale on march 31, 2019 in Mumbai.

“Crossing the decade is always prestigious and asks for celebration and stepping up. Atelier Theatre Society intends to do the same with the 11th season of Atelier’s CAMPUS THEATRE FESTIVAL by taking it to 5 cities in India: New Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bengaluru & Mumbai in the same order,” the statement said.

“Bigger & better, ACT 11 has received entries from international teams from the universities/colleges of the neighboring SAARC countries,” it added.

“As happened in the past, this year as well we expect a lot of theatre workers, film actors and directors visiting this festival reclaiming their solidarity with the form we all believed in,” the statement said.

ACT Association is an alliance of non-governmental organizations and artists active in the field of contemporary performing arts.

ACT teams participate in debates and discussions regarding the legislation in the field of performing arts in the country.


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