BJP, reaching out to Dalits in Delhi through ‘Samrasta Bhoj’


As the Lok Sabha elections are to happen soon, the BJP in an attempt to appease the Dalit voters of the National Capital, launched its ‘Samrasta Bhoj’ (Social harmony Feast) campaign, in the 12 reserved assembly constituencies spread across the 6 parliamentary seats in Delhi.

The SC Morcha of the Delhi unit of the BJP took the initiative to conduct the feasts throughout the constituencies. The SC Morcha of the BJP previously organised the ‘Bhim Mahasangam’ rally in the ‘Ramlila Maidan’ last month.

The reserved assembly constituencies are also taken care under the ‘Samrasta Bhoj’ campaign, they are Trilokpuri, Kondli, Seemapuri, Gokalpur, Ambedkar Nagar and Deoli. These 12 constituencies fall under the North East Delhi, New Delhi, East Delhi ,North West Delhi, South Delhi and West Delhi Lok Sabha seats.

Mohanlal Gihara, President of the SC Morcha said that these feasts are a measure to reach the Dalit community. He said, “We  are holding this ‘Samrasta Bhoj’ programmes to reach to the Dalit voters,(and tell them) how their interests have been served under the Modi government through different welfare schemes ”

He also said, “We have lined up Union Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot, Krishna Raj, Harsh Vardhan and Vijay Goel to participate in these events”

The highlight of the feast is ‘Khichdi’, cooked from the leftover of rice and pulses collected from the 3 lakh  Dalit household of Delhi. It recently held a record of cooking 5000kg ‘Samrasta Khidchi’

Gihara believes that cooking ‘samrasta khidchi’ and then serving it amongst the community members is a way of fostering unity, it further allows them to know about the Modi government’s work for them.

The members of the BJP’s SC Morcha distribute flyers amongst the locals, a day prior to the feast and ask them to attend the ‘Samrasta Bhoj’.

As the election ‘knocking the door’ and with 2 major opponents i.e AAP and the INC in this part of the country, the BJP is all set to prove its dominance in this regions, trying to repeat the winning of all 7 Lok Sabha seats, as it did in the 2014 elections.


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