BJP-Shiv sena ‘knotted’ again, Amit Shah and Uddhav Thackeray to address today

shivsena and bjp

Last few months have been ‘controversial’ regarding the BJP-Shiv sena alliance. Since Uddhav Thackerey, on many occasions was seen targeting the BJP government and its governance.

He considered the argument that the BJP government is irresponsive of the very sensitive ‘Ram Mandir’ issue.

Previously, Shiv Sena decided to contest the coming election alone.

Shiv Sena top leader ‘Sanjay Raut’ confirmed that the official announcement of the BJP- Shiv sena ‘alliance’ in Maharashtra is likely to be announced very soon.

Previously, Sanjay Raut emphasised that the BJP must consider sacrificing the CM seat in Maharashtra for the parties in alliance with them.

However, Shiv Sena is a major ally to the NDA government ruling in Maharashtra.

Also speculated and considered that there has been discussion between Amit Shah and Uddhav Thackerey lately, regarding the alliance.

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It is being said that BJP Party President, Amit Shah and Shiv Sena Chief, Uddhav Thackerey will address a joint press conference, later today and announce the ‘alliance’

However, the seat sharing policy is still not confirmed. There have been speculation that there might be a possible 50-50 seat sharing policy. The CM seat is still a ‘suspense’ though, but Shiv Sena is in desperate effort to cease that , as the previous news are concerned.

Considerably, there has also been speculation that BJP might contest in 25 seats out of 48 parliamentary seats and the Shive sena in 23.

The meeting will take place in Mumbai.


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