Congress terms PM Modi’s Biopic a political gimmick; Urges Election Commission to stop release of film


Congress veteran leader Suresh Mishra urged Election Commission to stop the release of  Modi’s biopic “PM Narendra Modi”, that is scheduled to release on April 5, stating that it is a violating to the Model Code of Conduct as the publicity of the film encourages posting of banners and advertisement.

In his letter, Suresh Mishra mentioned, ” The release of the film during the Lok Sabha elections is a strategy. BJP is violating the Model Code of conduct by promoting PM’s story and trying to cash in on his reach. The world’s eyes are on India. The release of the film at this time will be a mockery to our democracy”.

After opposition party reached EC to stop the release of the film, a group of retired bureaucrats have also requested the polls to delay the release of the film. They too suggested that the release will be a violation to MCC.

The Gujarat Janchetna Party (GJP) write to the EC to ban the upcoming biopic, citing the violation of Model Code of Conduct. The GJP president Divyesh Chavda raised doubts on the apolitical, unbiased and neutral attitude of the EC if they are ignoring the release of the film even after the conduct is in effect. He says that EC should be aware of the release of the film and should take serious steps towards implementation of the Model Code.

The Congress leader expressed in his statement that the expenses in promoting the film, putting up banners, advertising on television, newspapers, magazines, posters, and on the internet should be included in the publicity funds. All of them contribute to the violation of the clauses of the code.

GJP president said, if ECI will fail to take action against the film then he would move to the judiciary. Chavda said he will wait till March 30 and then, “will move” to the Gujarat High Court.

Kapil Sibal, Congress leader also said that the release of the fil is a political venture.

The film features Vivek Oberoi as PM through his stages of life and his contribution to RSS leading up to his victory in 2014 elections. It also covers his days as a Hindu “sage” in the Himalayas, and later as a nationalistic politician issuing warnings to India’s archrival Pakistan. The trailer shows Modi lamenting over the Gujarat riots in 2002 when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Last week, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam also approached EC asking to ban the release of the film until 23rd May, the date for the results of Lok Sabha elections.

Mishra accused the Union Minister of state of Information and Broadcasting Rajyawardhan Singh Rathore of getting the Central Board Film Certification (CBFC) clearance for the film, misusing his position, and having it released during the elections.

The EC has said that it is investigating into the matter. Earlier, Delhi Election commission also issued the notice to the production house and music company of the film. The makers of the Modi film will have to respond to the Congress claims. They will also inquire if the movie is purely an artistic venture.


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