Delhi Economic Survey: Decline in the enrollment ratio in the primary schools


Delhi government has started it’s latest Economic Survey report on Saturday. The report stated, that there is a decline in the enrollment ratio in the primary schools in the national capital.

While the percentage of students going to school was 93.26% in 2015-16, whereas in 2016-2017 it plunged to 92.55%.

The number of pre-primary and primary schools, including private ones and those run by local bodies, the centre and Delhi government is 2,745.

The survey states that the number of such schools in 2016-17 went up from 2,735 to 2,745 in 2017-18. But enrollment in the same period declined from 20.83 lakh to 20.63 lakh. Further, enrollment in middle schools declined from 11.27 lakh to 11.21 lakh and in secondary schools from 7.41 to 7 lakh.

In 2017-18, 5.09 lakh students registered in schools, more from previous years 4.92 lakh, senior secondary school saw a different drift.

Teachers increased from 9,401 in 2016-17 to 9,512 in 2017-18 in secondary schools and in senior secondary school from 97,224 to 97,291, stated the Economic Survey.

The survey also sated that, all schools in Delhi have boys and girls toilet with clean drinking water and electricity facilities.

The survey stated, the performance of students of classes 3 and 5 in terms of learning level was below the national average in language, environmental studies and mathematics.

“In Delhi, the per student per annum expenditure sustained by the government on education in 2018-19 has increased to Rs 66,038 from Rs 54,910 in 2016-17,” the survey said.


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