‘Eligibility’ to deploy paramedics in Bike Ambulance Service? Court asks Delhi government


In a hearing of the plea filed by advocate Satakshi Verma and Kamlesh Kumar, alleging Delhi government of not deploying qualified and trained paramedics in the recently launched Bike Ambulance Service on February 7.

The PIL challenges the delhi government of launching the Bike Ambulance Service on a pilot basis.

Satakshi Verma had the contention that the Bike Ambulance has been doing without carrying out a proper research.

Advocate Verma asserted that the very purpose of the initiative would not bear any existence if trained and qualified personnel, ‘paramedics’ in this case, are not deployed for the task.

Delhi High Court asked the Delhi government to file its response in the matter.

The Central Accident and Trauma Services ( CATS), which is an entity of the government launched the Bike Ambulance Service.

It is a scheme of First Responder Vehicles, in the National Capital.

The scheme is launched in an attempt to render service and provide health service without delay and hassle  in the traffic-congested areas and small lanes.

A bench comprising of Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V Kameshwar Rao, asked the Delhi government to file its response on the plea seeking information from the government.

The plea sought that the ‘paramedics’ be trained, young and energetic  with the necessary qualifications and skills required to perform the task.

A valid 2- wheeler License is also a necessity in order to serve in the Bike Ambulance service, and the plea sought it too.

The Court, on May 2, will hear the matter further.

In the plea, the 2 advocates said that the scheme is launched without doing due diligence , with the help of untrained man power.

They said that the current ‘manpower’ is unable to manage the existing ambulance service, due to the lack of technical qualification.

They further said, the scheme was launched without deploying sufficiently trained and qualified ‘paramedics’.

The also alleged that the scheme lacks the International Parameters.



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