Mamata Banerjee sharply criticises the Government on ‘Pulwama attack’


‘Didi’ as famously known, the West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, in a very ‘controversial’ statement raises the ‘timing’ of the disastrous ‘Pulwama massacre’.

She alleged that the government had ‘intelligence inputs’ regarding the ‘possible threat’ and despite of the information the government allowed such a large convoy of 2500 plus soldiers to roll together. She also sought action against the ‘weakness’ and ‘ignorance’ behind the attack.

According to her such a large convoy is never allowed to roll ‘together’  whilst having an ‘intelligence input’.

Banerjee sought ‘punishment’ for the forces behind the tragic attack.

Mamata Banerjee ‘talked’ about an ‘intelligence report’ that she claimed to have in possession, which states about the attack. According to her, the report was released on 8th February i.e prior to the attack.

She also mentioned about an ‘advisory’ issued by the ‘American Intelligence’ about a month ago, suspecting a ‘possible’ ‘riot’ situation in India.

Targeting RSS as ‘infiltrators and ‘outsiders’, she alleged them of trying to create a ‘riot’ amongst various communities in Bengal, which have been in ‘peace’ for very long time.

She alleged that the government had ‘notifications’ regarding the attack and why did it not take any ‘action’?

Banerjee said that the entire ‘opposition’ decided to fight together and hence they were not raising the questions. Further, targeting PM Narendra Modi she said that ‘opposition’ has maintained silence in the wake of the tragedy and Narendra Modi is delivering speeches elsewhere, possessing as ‘they’ (BJP) are the only ‘patriot’ and everyone else is a ‘foreigner’. Also added that the speeches of ‘Modi’ indicates that they are the only ‘patriot’ and everyone else is ‘terrorist’, which is incorrect.

Also alleges Amit Shah of delivering ‘political speech’ in Assam, amidst such situation.

In a request to all communities, civil bodies and the ‘country’ as a whole, she asserted not to harbour the ‘instigation’ that according to her, some forces are trying to take the advantage of the situation and trying to create a ‘riot’, which is their game plan.

She claimed to have report that RSS workers took to ‘BURKHAS’ to spread rumour of ‘child abduction’ and are ‘provoking’ people in an attempt to create ‘riot’.

Also alleging the BJP, RSS, VHP and their sister organisation that such ‘attempts’ are a part of their planted ‘game’.

When elections are knocking at the door and they are trying to create and environment of ‘shadow war’ and an ‘internal fight’ in the country, toying with the lives of the people.

She asserted that the leaders should have ‘submitted’ their resignation by taking the responsibility of such a tragic ‘incident. And further more, she  mentioned that in the name of ‘politics’ there should not be ‘riot’ ,nor any ‘injustice’ about any individual.








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