Nirav Modi denied bail for the third time by UK court


Fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi was denied bail by United kingdom court on Wednesday for the third time in his extradition case to India and he will continue to be lodged in London court described by his lawyers as “unliveable.”

Nirav Modi is facing extradition charges in the Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud and money laundering case amounting up to USD 2 billion. His bail has been already rejected by Westminster magistrates court in London and came up for 3rd attempt before chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot.

The chief magistrate’s said that even though the dubbing of security offered by Modi’s lawyers amounted to changing circumstances in order for her to “renew” the bail plea but she still has similar concerns that he will fail to surrender before the court.

Clare Montgomery who is appearing for Nirav Modi said that has experience in custody has been vivid and damaging and Nirav Modi is willing to abide by any bail conditions imposed by the court because Wandsworth is unliveable.

The lawyers representing Nirav Modi sought to convince the judge with claims that two of his elder children were back in the UK for summer internships to which the judge expressed doubts on the extent to which other children can tie anyone down to a place.

The judge added that “Given the nature of the crimes of sizeable fraud and that USD 60 million has been squirreled away by Nirav Modi personally…the interference of witnesses, destruction of servers and mobile phones and evidences…combined with a lack of community ties mean I still have doubts that he would fail to surrender.”

Montgomery characterized the case as a “classic white collar” crime that came with relatively low risk but UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) argued that the case was “not an ordinary corporate case.”

Raising the failure of Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Claire Montgomery also claimed that the two failed to Corroborate the previous name of Modi having travel to New York in February 2019. she said that the UK is the safe haven for her client and has he chosen not to sweep to any other country with which India does not share an extradition treaty.

Nirav Modi was arrested on March 19 by Scotland yard officers in Central London. he was accused of being the principal beneficiary of the fraudulent issuance of letters of undertaken as part of a conspiracy to the fraud Punjab National Bank and then laundering the proceeds of the crime.

The next hearing is scheduled to be on May 30



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