Sheila dixit attacks AAP, claims ‘power charges’ costlier now


Delhi Congress chief, Sheila Dixit on Monday accused the ruling  Aad Aadmi Party government of Delhi of making ‘false promises’ regarding electricity rates in the Capital, NDTV reported.

She said that the Aam Aadmi party is employing the same ‘cunning’ tactics of claiming that the electricity rates have been reduced to half. She also said that the AAP did the same thing prior to Assembly polls 4 years ago.

Dixit claims that the ‘power rates’ have become costlier than it was before.

“AAP had employed the same cunning strategy before the Delhi Assembly elections four years ago, that electricity will be provided to the consumers at half the rate but reneged on its promise after coming to power in Delhi,” Ms Dikshit said.

In a press conference, she further said, “After completing four years in office, the Kejriwal government through newspaper advertisements have been claiming to provide electricity at half rate to Delhi consumers but the reality is that power has now become costly than ever before,”

She further asserted that the Delhi government is charging more money from the consumers by changing the billing cycle to monthly system, which according to her was charged once in 2 months during the Congress regime.

“The consumers are being fleeced by the monthly billing system as they now pay more money in one month than what the Congress government used to charge in a two-month billing cycle. We demand that they fulfill their promise of giving power to the consumers at half the rate without any dilution and withdraw the hike in the fixed charges and security amount which was done intentionally to squeeze the power consumers,” she added.

Dixit also added ,”Despite collecting so much money from the power users on various heads, the AAP government has not bothered to ensure upgradation of the transmission lines and distribution network.”

She said that the Delhi government claims that it is giving subsidy to the consumers. On the contrary, she alleged that in the form of fixed charges, new meter security charge, upload charge, service line charges and pension fund collects more from its consumers.


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