US declares million dollar bounty on Osama Bin Laden’s son


Osama Bin Laden’s son, Hamza Bin Laden, has a bounty of 1 million out on his name. On 28 February 2019, US announced that anyone who is able to give information that leads up to the identification or whereabouts of him, will be awarded. 

Osama bin laden has been in the news for several years. The leader of Al-qaeda was responsible for the attack on September11, 2019 on the twin towers in New york and also the attack that day on Pentagon and shook the whole world. It was possible as the terror group had hijacked three passenger planes. It was a horrendous activity as nearly 3000 people were killed of almost 77 nationalities. 

The same year in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Bin Laden was assasinated in a covert mission by the US. He was situated in a conpound in the country. 

The descendant, being the new leader of Al-Qaeda, has released videos and audios on the internet targeting the West as revenge of his father’s death in 2011. He aims to kill the US forces. He was already given the title of a ‘global terrorist’ in January 2017. 


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