‘Varun Gandhi’, likely to join Congress party? Priyanka drops a hint

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Swati Chaturvedi, an independent journalist who had written pieces in the last several years about the rumoured ‘Ghar-wapasi’ of Varun Gandhi, which simply means that Varun Gandhi might join his father’s political party i.e the Congress.

Varun Gandhi is a BJP MP from Sultanpur, a parliamentary constituency under the Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Priyanka Gandhi had been assigned the duty of monitoring the Eastern Uttar Pradesh for the coming elections, as Congress President Rahul Gandhi declared her as the General secretary of Congress for Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Now, with Priyanka joining in active politics and rallying fiercely in UP, the speculation about Varun Gandhi joining Congress, has also took its ‘toll’.

The rally of Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi in Lucknow proved it quite well that the Congress is battling hard to maintain its ‘existence’ in Uttar Pradesh.

The mega rally at Lucknow was a huge success for Congress, as said by ‘political pandits’.

Varun was the BJP National General Secretary before 2014, i.e before the declaration of Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP. He is young, dynamic and most importantly ‘intellectual’, which the present BJP seriously lacks. He is a writer/poet and has publications in his name.

Varun Gandhi is quite known amongst the youth for the ideas and visions he propagate. He could be seen delivering lectures and participating in discussions with youths in various colleges throughout the country.

Varun Gandhi is considered to be close to senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani and the fondness of senior BJP leader Pramod Mahajan towards Varun is not hidden to anyone.

After, 2014 elections, Modi took over the office of PM. He appointed Amit Shah as the Party President and Amit Shah eventually removed Varun Gandhi from the post of BJP National General Secretary.

varun gandhi bjp

There are several possible speculations and presumptions that has been made by several journalists and experts about the rift between Modi and Varun.

However, the incident of Varun Gandhi, not meeting Modi during the 2014 election campaign trail when Modi was in Sultanpur is quiet ‘talked’ amongst the many.

A BJP worker from Sultanpur district said, “Narendra Modi would have definitely felt offended by Varun Gandhi’s move. During those elections, every BJP candidate wanted Narendra Modi to visit his Lok Sabha constituency. Modi himself went to Varun Gandhi’s constituency but Gandhi did not even consider meeting him. Perhaps this was the foundation of what would be the bad days for Varun Gandhi in the party.”

Now, with Priyanka taking the charge of the Eastern UP, it is widely speculated on social media and other spheres that Varun Gandhi might be joining the Congress.

If so, then it might be playing well for the Congress for the coming election.

In the 2014 elections, a very large ‘mass’ believed that Varun Gandhi be projected as the CM candidate for Uttar Pradesh.However ,it didn’t happen.

Varun Gandhi has a widespread following in Uttar Pradesh in UP. Once he was also entitled the name of ‘Hindu Samrat’.

Varun Gandhi made  ‘communal’ speeches during his first election trail in 2009, which resulted in the invocation of ‘National Security Act’ against him. He was jailed for 19 days. However, he won that election and that particular speech is considered to be amongst the major reason of that win.

He was also in the news when alleged sex tapes against him surfaced. He was also accused of leaking confidential defence information to arms dealer.

On his continuous demand of increasing the salary of MPs he said,  “When I raised this issue once, I received a call from the PMO,” he said. “Why are you increasing our troubles?

Varun Gandhi is considered to have ‘abilities’ and it is widely believed that he might make many senior BJP leaders look small with his ability and wisdom. He is considered to be an ambitious man and it is also speculated that if provided with a chance then at some point he might even be a ‘challenge’ for Rahul Gandhi.

Varun Gandhi in many cases differed and criticised the present BJP government, in which he is an MP.

Now, there are rumours  in the social media and many ‘lobbies’ ,that in the coming weeks, the official announcement on Varun Gandhi joining Congress could be expected.

No Indian is unknown to the ‘politics’ of Sanjay Gandhi, father of Varun. And it would be very wrong for anyone to presume that his son Varun can be caged for long. Off late, there have been times when Varun Gandhi openly expressed his disappointment over party decisions.

If he joins Congress then the country may witness the might of a ‘fierce’ leader in a party, that has been once in the hands of his father. A party where he belongs to, traditionally. BJP has held itself from declaring the candidate from Sultanpur and that is adding more to the curiosity of all political pundits. Varun Gandhi might not be too beneficial to BJP as a candidate, but denying him a ticket in upcoming Lok Sabha Elections can turn the whole game in UP.


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