Violence in Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi: Latest updates


Jamia Milia Islamia University, one of the many elite education institutes of the country has been evident to serious violence and protests in the last 2 days. It all started when students of Fine Arts took to protest ,last week, against the shortage of faculty members for many of their respective subjects.

As the protest started, there has been serious allegation of involvement of the Head of Dept. of  Applied Arts, Hafeez Ahmed in sexual harassment , it has also been alleged that the HOD intimated the students against any protest. A student of the department namely Dhruv was beaten, and has alleged that the people were sent by the HOD, in order to suppress his dissent.

The female students of the department have accused Hafeez Ahmed of making derogatory comments, personal attacks and improper text messages, the accused HOD referred one of his student as “queen” in a text message. The students also accused the HOD of making comments on their clothing. Other student also claimed him to be biased in terms of markings. The students said that, they informed the administration about the misconduct of their HOD multiple times, the administration however removed him from his post once but again reinstated Hafeez Ahmed after some time.

Due to the constant negligence of the administration over the misconduct of the accused Hafeez Ahmed, the students sat on a protest with their demands and this time some female students were harassed by the student supporters of HOD. As stated by a female student, the supporters of the accused HOD, mostly his favourite students  punched, kicked, disregarded the private parts and pulled the stall of protesting girls.

Meanwhile the HOD, Hafeez Ahmed is sent on leave and the administration ensured the students to resolve their grievances. The Dean of faculty of Fine Arts, Nuzhat Kazmi has been  given the charge of department of Applied Art.


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