Wing Commander Abhinandan returns back to India via Wagha border


IAF wing commandeR Abhinandan Varthaman returned to India on 1st March 2019 after spending nearly 60 hours in Pakistan. While he was dodging Pakistani aircraft, flying MiG-21 fighter, he was captured by Pakistan. Later, as a goodwill and to release some tension between the two countries, Pakistan announced that they would release the IAF commander. It was done so but the return happened hours later than what was expected.

He smiled as he entered even though he had a black eye. Wearing a navy blue blazer, white shirt and grey trousers, his first words were,”It’s good to be back.’ The Pakistan Rangers brought him till the zero line of the Attari-Wagah border and was received by the Indian security Officers.

The delay of his return has been quoted as ‘documentation’. Sources say that the release was delayed as the Pakistani authorities forced Abhinandan to record a statement. The video was released moments before his release.

Abhinandan has emerged as a ray of hope for many. He too is an inspiration to people and handled this situation with utmost grace and courage. PM Narendra Modi welcomed him by  saying that the Nation is proud of his exemplary courage and that our country’s armed forces are an inspiration to the 130 crore Indians.

The wing Commander will be subjected to full body detailed checkup as he has to be ejected from a plane which did put strain on his body. Thousands of people waited for this special moment when the warrior returned home. The whole country cheered his arrival and showed immense love and support. To avoid crowd at the border, the beating retreat ceremony was canceled and the tourists were requested to stay away from the zone.

The country rejoices the martyr’s return.


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