Arunachal Pradesh service voters cast first vote of 2019 General Elections


Soldiers of Indo-Tibetan-Border-Police [ITBP] cast their first votes of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Soldiers of the Indo-Tibetan-Border-Police [ITBT] cast their first votes of the 2019 general assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh as service voters. Service voting done through secret postal ballots began on Friday morning at Lohitpur in Arunachal Pradesh. The first service votes were cast by DIG Sudhakar Natarajan, head of Animal Training School, at ITBP Animal Training School (ATS), Lohitpur. Service voters cast their votes five days prior to the first phase of polling. Ballot papers were thereafter dispatched to other places as well. In order to include more and more service voters to the list the campaigns have been made through different mediums. Print, electronic, mediums were given due importance.  Approximately 30 lakh service voters will be there and a large number of them are expected to vote.

General elections  for the public will however begin on April 11 and go on till the 23rd of April. The voting will have seven phases.The first phase of voting  begins on the 11th of April followed by the second on the 18th of April. As the general public goes to polls after four days the political parties are gearing up their campaigns which are to end right away.


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