Beautification project in Varanasi delayed due to ‘Non Coorporation’ by SP govt: PM


After laying out the layout for the Kashi Vishwanath Temple’s road and its beautification, Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed a gathering. He claimed that the non cooporation movement which was started by the Samajwadi party is the reason why the beautification project of Varanasi has been delayed.

He said that the non cooperation movement took place in the first three years of the state government. All the development projects took place only when the people made Yogi Adhityanath the cheif minister of Uttar Pradesh. Also, he further added that if the cooperation had taken place earlier, they would have launched the project till now instead of just laying the foundation for the same.

Modi said that it is his pleasure to take on this project. Before entering into politics, he used to visit the place several times before and would think that something could happen there. He appreciated everyone involved in this project saying that the empoyees that have been put together by Yogi are doing a great job and are working with ‘bhakti’.


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