Christian Michel claims not naming anyone; says ED filed false chargesheet


Christian Michele, the alleged middle-man in the Augusta Westland case claims that he had not named anybody.

An alleged middle man in the Augusta Westland case, Christian Michele said that he did not name anybody when questioned by the Enforcement directorate. His advocate Aljo K Joseph told court that, “He was asked by the investigating agency to give possible initials and that is all he did. He never named anybody in his statement before the agency, which is being leaked to the media.

In its chargesheet the Enforcement Directorate had named Congress MP Ahmed Patel and a Mrs. Gandhi and this is when Christian Michelle responded to the allegations.

The ED has said that,” As per Christian Michelle James, AP means Ahmed Patel and Fam means family.”

The chargesheet has also named two people claimed to be Michel’s business partners and their two firms.

“ED is making a mockery of the judicial process resulting in complete travesty of justice, Joseph said adding that the extradition treaty prohibits the extradition of accused involved in political offences and the government is now using the ED and all the investigation agencies for political purpose,” he stated in his application.

Michel criticised the central government for using the investigation agencies for their political gain. He also said that a copy of the chargesheet was not provided to him before it appeared in the media.


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