Congress wants Amit Shah to be disqualified from elections for false affidavit


The Congress party has sought the disqualification of BJP President Amit Shah in the 2019 Lok Sabha elecions.

The Congress Party has sought the disqualification of BJP President Amit Shah from the  constituencyof Gandhinagar regarding two reasons. The Congress party claims that Mr. Amit Shah cannot contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections because he has filed a false affidavit of his income declarations with two glaring omissions.”

The Congress party criticised that he had not exposed his liabilities.

The false affidavit is regarding two reasons; first regarding a plot for which he has fixed an amount which is lower than the actual price of the plot.

The price of the plot according to government guidelines is 66.5 lakhs for which Amit Shah has fixed at a price of Rs. 25 lakhs.

Congress also claims that Mr. Shah has mortgaged two of his properties to a commercial bank in Gandhinagar  for his son’s business venture Kusum Finserve in 2016.

“The election commission of India must take immediate note of this and initiate appropriate proceedings to disqualify Amit Shah from contesting the upcoming elections. Further the Election Commission must initiate proceedings against Amit Shah for the filing of a false affidavit,” stated the complaint filed by the Congress party.


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