“Damdaar chowkidaar” or “Daagdaar sarkar”, India knows whom to vote : PM Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the mega rally in Meerut as a part of the upcoming Lok Sabha election and striking the opposition Congress and the UPA government for becoming Pakistan heroes.

Launching the Bhartiya Janta Party campaign, PM Narendra Modi positioned his government as a strong and decisive government. He also mentions that people have to choose what do they want. They want “damdaar Chowkidaar ” (strong watchman) or daagdaar sarkar (stained government).

Prime Minister said that there was a reason why he chose Meerut to start his election campaign. The 2019 elections are rooted on the people’s desire for a strong government. Keeping that dream, that hope, it was from Meerut that India’s First Independent fight began in 1857.

On the opposition’s questions to provide with proofs on the IAF strikes, PM modi expressed criticism towards opposition on not having trust in Indian Army.

Comparing the UPA rule under the Congress against five years of NDA, PM Modi said that his government has shown the resolve to striking terror and fulfilling the long standing demands of the armed forces. PM also criticized Congress for its Income Scheme as a master of his falms acclaims.

Responding to  Rahul Gandhi’ theatre jibe over PM Modi’s announcement of antisatellite success, Mission Shakti, he said, “People who do not understand the difference between ASAT and theatre sets, we need to explain it to them”.

PM Modi went on to list his acievements in his five years rule including the Air Strike, Mission Shakti, Income schemes and the development throughout the years.

With due confidence, Modi said that 1.3 billion people are ready to choose their representative and once again the country will have “Modi Sarkar”.

After his rally in Meerut, PM Narendra Modi will head to Rudrapur in Uttrakhand and then to Akhnoor in Jammu and Kashmir. On March 29 he will be holding a rally in Koraput in Odisha, Mehbubnagar in Telangana and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh.


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