Dharmendra Pradhan writes to Arun Jaitley outlining measures for economic revival of Odisha after the cyclone


In the wake of the dastardly attack in Odisha that left thousands of people homeless and Odisha in distress, Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan wrote a letter to the finance minister Arun Jaitley seeking his intervention in the affected areas and marking the outlines measuring for the banks and insurance companies to provide adequate service in the cyclone-hit areas of the state.

Dharmendra Pradhan in his letter pointed out a certain measure that he suggested for the economic revival of the different cyclone-affected districts in Odisha. He also outlined the need for increasing the ATMs and adopting a uniform model so that limited cash from the branches of the banks can be disposed of ensuring delivery of cash through Point of Sale (PoS) devices.

Stressing on the recovery of the people who were affected and the ones who survived injuries, Dharmendra Pradhan mentioned that it is imperative that the hospitality industry is revived so at to restore the livelihood of people and benefit tourists.

In his letter, pradhan suggested that a special scheme with beneficiary rates must be created for helping the hotel industry rebuild the damaged infrastructure. He also called off for adopting a measure to expeditiously settle the insurance claims of claimants in all the cyclone-affected districts, whose properties have been extensively damaged because of the cyclone.

He held a review meeting with the banking sector to ensure their services and preparedness in providing services to the costumes in the states who are affected immensely.

Ahead of the cyclone that hit Odisha and rendered thousands of people homeless, leaving the infrastructure damage and huge loss to the life and property, Narendra Modi paid a visit to the state and announced 1000 crores for the revival of the state after the cyclone.


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