Election Commission to announce Lok Sabha election dates soon


The present term of the Lok Sabha ends on June 3 and people are getting anxious to when the election dates will be announced. The good news is that the election commission will soon be announcing the dates for the coming tenure of the Lok Sabha elections.

The poll is completing the final stages of the logistical preparations so as to hold the 17th Lok Sabha elections this year. The announcement could be made any day on the weekend or the early days of next week. The voting for first phase will be issued by the end of March so that elections can be held in early April.

Assembly elections

The sikkim assembly ends on May 27,2019. whereas Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh assemblies will dissolve on June 18, June 11 and June 1 respctively. 

The six year term of Jammu and Kashmir was to end on  March 19, 2021 but it was dissolved due to the breaking up of the coalition government of BJP and PDP. 

This year the EC might conduct assembly elections of Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Odisha with the Lok Sabha Elections. And as the party dissolved in Jammu and Kashmir, EC is bound to hold fresh polls in the state too. The elections in Jammu and Kashmir depend greatly upon the security situation resulting due to the heightened tension on the Ind-Pak border. 

The ECM (electronic voting machine) and paper trail machines have to be set up in nearly 10 lakh poll stations across 543 Lok Sabha constituencies. This indicates that there might be 7-8 phases to these elections.


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