Hardik Patel to join Congress on march 12, will contest lok sabha election


Elections are close and parties are doing all they can to bag as many seats as they can. The congress is targeting Gujrat as it is the hometown of our present Prime minister and also because they gave a tough fight in the last assembly elections in that region.

It has been reported that the patidar community leader Hardik Patel will be joining Congress on 12 March 2019 for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to the PTI the congress sources reveled that Hardik patel will be joining the party in the presence of Rahul Gandhi. Hardik has earlier led an agitation which demanded reservation for the Patidar community of Gujrat.

The CWC ( congress working community) meeting in Ahmedabad will also be held on the same day as that of the joining. After that the top party leaders will have a rally and will be addressing the public at large.


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