Indian News Media and the Art Of Spreading Hatred


The era of electronic media started in India  with the advent of Doordarshan channel. Gradually, the number of channels kept on increasing to the point that now we have numerous TV news channels which includes mainstream Hindi and English channels along with various regional ones. Imagine the kind of information overload we all are facing. The news channels keep on bombarding us with its TRP-centric programs. Instead of upgraded  quality of programs on the TV news channels, the standard has fallen below par in recent times.

The channels provide information that is manipulated or baseless. They are dumping garbage in the brains of lakhs of people who think that they are being provided correct  information. Every media house has its own ideology which it is continuously promoting at different intervals of time . There are some news channels which are continuously involved in promoting hatred regardless of actual truth. There is a race of getting ahead from each other and gaining more TRPs. In this race of getting ahead the media houses have forgotten the ethics of their profession. There is hardly any news channel which sticks to ‘objective journalism’.

Media Trial is another menace which has targeted many people. Media gives its judgement on any issue before it has been judged by the constitutional authority. The game of power and money is so big that it can built or destroy someone in just few hours. There are some news channels which are continuously involved in promoting hatred regardless of actual truth. News channels create negative hashtags and coins term which create propaganda against certain individuals. The famous ‘tukde tukde gang’ built a narrative of anti- nationalism and attributed it to a handful of people without them being legally tried. Manipulated photographs, morphed images and videos have found its way in mainstream channels that majority of the masses watch. In the recent past the kind of programs that the channels put are akin to any cartoon program. They lack a direction, point and sense. The prime time debates are graced by people who can shout at the top of their lungs without making any relevant point. 

The only way to fight this negativity and hatred is by being more aware and think rationally. As an individual before we put something in our mind we should be aware that everything shown on television or written in a news paper may not be correct . Before we act we should check the authenticity of the news on which we are going to react . Above all there should be a supervising authority to control the media houses.


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