Opposition trying to remove me : PM Modi


While elections are coming closer, campaigns in different cities are on a full swing, bringing forward many new agendas.

On 6 march 2019, while rallying in Karaburagi, Karnataka, he said that the opposition was trying to remove him while he is trying to remove terrorism, corruption and poverty from the country. “The person who has the blessings of 125 crore people… why should he fear anybody, be it Hindustan, Pakistan, thieves or the dishonest. India and 125 crore people have given this strength,” Mr. Modi said at the rally.

Modi believes that the government in Karnataka is helpless and came to power by backstabbing. Their CM, H.D Kumaraswamy is controlled by the party. not only this, he accused the state government of doing injustice on the farmers by not implementing the ‘ Pradhan Mantri Samman Nidhi’ properly.

He promises to do well for the farmers of that state. His top priority is the development of the North east – he added.


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