PM Modi biopic to release on May 24, a day after announcement of Lok Sabha election results


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic “PM Narendra Modi” is set to hit the cinemas on May 24, a day after the Lok Sabha results for the 2019 general elections will be announced, after enough speculation on the film raising political influences in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

The film is starring Vivek Oberoi as the lead character and focuses on the political life of Narendra Modi. The producer of the movie Sandeep Singh took to Twitter announcing the new date of release for the PM Modi biopic on 24th May. In his Twitter handle, he said: “we come again fighting all the roadblocks and hurdles coming in our way.”

The opposition party sought the response of the Election Commission of India (ECI) was a release of the biopic tilting the electoral balance. The movie was scheduled to be released on April 11, the day of commencement of the first phase of Lok Sabha elections.

After much confusion of the release of the biopic, the Supreme Court directed the election commission to watch the movie and submit the response to the court. In its response, the Election Commission of India asks the supreme court to postpone the release of biopic after May 19 as it might tilt the electoral balance during the Lok Sabha poll Campaign.

The election commission also claimed that the biopic of PM Narendra Modi is a hagiography that treats the subject with endurance and its release will render the change in the electoral gains of the ruling party.

After watching the film, the election commission submitted its response to the supreme court saying that the biopic produces a political environment where an individual acquires a cult status. The commission also said the movie was unabashedly unidimensional and puts the opposition party as corrupt showing them in a poor light. The leaders of the opposition depicted in the manner that is very obvious to identify there a character.



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